16Led Strobe Light Suction Cup Light Strobe Light Multi-Color Warning Light


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    Product information:

    material: plastic

    Power: 48W (W)

    Voltage: 12 (V)

    Current: 1 (A)

    Color: blue and white

    Model :ss1

    Applicable models: all

    Applicable models: all

    Supporting relationship: supporting

    Color: white + blue, red + blue

    Main function and installation method]:

    1. Voltage: 12VDC.

    2. Luminous color: red and blue. All red. All blue. All white. All green. Red and white. Blue and white (available from stock)

    3. High brightness: 10000-12000MCD.

    4. Energy saving: 12V, composed of 3w high-power lamp posts.

    5. Voltage: 12V safety voltage,

    6. Longevity: The service life of the light source is 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

    7. How to use: It’s very simple, just suck it directly on the front windshield. Just insert the cigarette lighter plug straight, and there is a switch on the line.

    8. Color: 16 bright LEDs red + blue super dazzling, full white light, super flash, full yellow light, super bright, super warning

    Packing list :

    Suction cup lamp*1


    Lightning flash VIPER S2 shovel type imported suction cup flashing/LED suction cup flashing Using LUMI LEDS high-power 3W LED, unique lightning reflector, higher luminous efficiency!

    Carton packaging of this product,

    Weight 0.44 kg
    Dimensions 220 × 120 × 50 cm

    White with blue, Red and blue


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