Automotive paint coating thickness gauge


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    Measurement range: 0~1.8mm

    Working temperature: 18~30 degrees Celsius

    Measurement error: plus or minus 0.1mm

    Size: 38*87*22mm

    material: plastic

    Weight 0.07 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm


    99 reviews for Automotive paint coating thickness gauge

    1. G***c

      Berry Anais
      no remarkno remark

    2. D***v

      Everything is fine

    3. N***v

      Screen scratched

    4. A***s

      Everything is fine, the seller is good, I recommend

    5. A***s

      The seller initially did not want to send the goods, wrote and asked me to cancel the deal. I refused. He sent out a fake track. Got the money back through the dispute.

    6. S***w

      Super really liked

    7. A***s

      Alles OK.

    8. O***v

      Great product fast delivery recommend

    9. A***v

      I came to Krasnoyarsk quickly. Track tracked. The seller sent at once. I haven't checked it yet.
      no remarkno remark

    10. I***s

      Very fast and accurate measurement, I recommend!

    11. P***r

      A good thickness gauge, enough for personal needs. Recommend!

    12. T***o

      Everything is super, took her husband, while they did not check the need to buy a battery, externally like norms, went into the RB for three weeks
      no remarkno remark

    13. O***o

      Good quality goods

    14. A***s

      All is well, only the displays at all for some reason are scratched, and so everything is fine, I recommend.

    15. V***h

      The product came in integrity, everything works and corresponds to the description
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    16. A***v

      Works fine. Already checked six cars today. It came very quickly to raichikhinsk Amur region. I recommend the seller

    17. J***a

      Thank you! Still sent from the second time. First time transport canceled.

    18. K***n

      Shipping was fast and the product as described. Only thing I want to mention is that this paint thickness guage can can measure metal surface's , I tried it on the different cars with plastic bumpers or fibre glass it didn't give a reading.
      no remarkno remark

    19. M***a

      The order from August 13 was deployed at customs. The seller, after contacting him this problem, sent the goods again. Received on October 9, sometimes even tracked. Works, measures, for how much I do not know, for the first time I hold such a shit in my hands. There is illumination.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    20. E***n

      Working good, and for not to much money.
      Great deal, I recommed it.

    21. S***o

      Attention. 0.05mm precision. Not 0.01mm
      And so it works fun. But on to look for 1 hundred accuracy. The photo is cheating. Never does the device measure 0.12mm. This is cheating!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    22. V***v

      All fire, sorry ordered without a battery.

    23. N***a


    24. G***r

      The goods came in time, the accuracy of measuring the average quality, but the second color and шпаклевку can be distinguished
      Seller recommend

    25. O***n

      As a display for quick body check-will go).
      For this money-it is definitely worth taking.
      To the seller-my recommendations!!!)))

    26. R***y

      The farbu will show good. Protesting the edge of the dopok.

    27. R***r

      Everything was done very quickly (and shipping and shipping). The device is quite for this money, not a super duper of course, but the cross-sections and especially the putty defines. Thank you. Advise!!!

    28. S***v


    29. A***v

      Sent quickly, there are no batteries included. Measure with cartiness up to 0.05 v mm

    30. D***t

      For its money is not bad, the accuracy is a little lame, but the color and шпатлевку shows
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    31. S***v


    32. M***v

      Everything is fine

    33. A***s

      Compact size. Quickly came. Quality plastic. Im happy!!! 5 +

    34. V***n

      It seems to measure, but if there was a smaller step… and so not bad.

    35. N***a

      Works. Tried to measure on an enameled Pan, shows like correctly.

    36. V***o

      Comfortable and working

    37. O***k

      Good thing for beginners

    38. D***v

      Shipping fast. Reached in 3 weeks

    39. D***s

      Is working

    40. A***n

      Quality norms, only testimony in millimeters all multiples 0,05

    41. D***v

      It's been a month. It's not bad. I do not know how accurate, but if you put it in the same place, it shows the same.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    42. S***Y

      The seller is good. The goods are super.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    43. V***v

      no remark

    44. A***v

      Thank you, everything was intact.

    45. A***n

      Fast delivery, not yet checked

    46. A***s

      The seller is excellent, I recommend,

    47. A***v

      What for 8000 thousand devices that this .. in principle is crossed and Putty sees. Only more than 1000 already does not beat .. well, it's so clear that her dofiga ..

    48. B***r

      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    49. I***a


    50. G***y

      The device for its money is excellent
      no remark

    51. R***r

      Everything works only does not suck sound when measuring

    52. S***v

      Works and good! I can not say that super is accurate, but better than nothing. Secondary color sees, for 1000 rubles and with fast delivery is a very good option. Thank you!

    53. I***k

      The product fully corresponds to the description. I bought batteries, checked: everything works fine, there is a backlight (it's very convenient). I do not regret that I took this model. Everything is well packed.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    54. V***v

      For measuring putty will go! Plastic normal!

    55. V***a

      Not yet tried, but delivery, something, 10 days to Latvia. The fastest delivery I 've ever had.

    56. S***h

      Thanks seller. Everything in order

    57. S***r

      Not bad.
      no remark

    58. V***v

      Thank you seller. The parcel came on time.

    59. Z***a

      Geras daigtas

    60. H***v

      The product corresponds to the description. Thank you.

    61. V***r

      Excellent thickness gauge, perfectly check LKP on the car.
      Autocalibration, plus immediately batteries in it.
      I'm happy with the purchase, I'm worth my money.
      no remark

    62. A***o

      Delivery is very fast, new mail. Inserted two batteries but specifically check for no reason.
      Illumination even is,. It's nice, but it's hardly necessary. For this money an excellent device! I would like that smartphones were already going with the car. I will complement the review after a specific check.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    63. A***v

      The class is fast and accurate.

    64. F***t

      perfect working

    65. G***v


    66. A***v

      Painted can be determined

    67. A***v

      Sometimes shows the thickness is 0.
      In general, the device is suitable for determining the number of layers of paint, the presence of putty. runs up to 1mm.

    68. V***r

      It seems to work and like even norms, the thickness shows… And the thickness over 2 essentially in 0 says)

    69. Y***y

      Price quality is excellent, delivered quickly. Everything works well.

    70. N***v

      Everything works, the machine has been leaking

    71. A***v

      To buy a car will go check

    72. A***r


    73. E***v

      Everything is fine. It came quickly. Works OK. I advise you to purchase.

    74. S***a

      Not tried yet

    75. S***a

      All OK

    76. D***n

      Came quickly, two weeks to the Irkutsk region. Externally it looks neat, aluminum measures, the case of the laptop and Lexus broke through quietly. Shows not exactly, but determine where the crossbars and putty are obtained. While I recommend, let's see further in work while I'm looking for a car. There is a pick or crack on the display
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    77. G***o


    78. A***n

      Came very quickly, and by regular mail. Ordered without batteries. I inserted the usual from the kit. Works, measurements quickly. About the accuracy I can not say, I want to check with prof. pribluda in case.

    79. S***v

      Works… But a big race… 0.05 step… 0.05 or 0.1 shows or 0.15 , 0.2 , 0.25 etc. D

    80. R***r

      Works well

    81. F***r


    82. N***r

      Pratical and compact tool to take with me when buying a used car. Works as expected and delivered on time – great!

    83. E***v

      The order came quickly excellent seller recommend. I have not tried it yet, but I think everything will be fine.

    84. A***k

      All ok thank you

    85. A***v

      Machines at hand no, checked on the refrigerator, everywhere shows the same, I recommend

    86. Y***y

      It came, looks quality, I will try
      no remark

    87. *.

      very quick

    88. Z***v

      Seems to be working. Knows if it measures or not. The reference is not included.

    89. T***a

      I like it

    90. V***r

      The goods came in time. Corresponds to the description.

    91. J***s

      Ātra piegāde a strādā perfekti.

    92. Q***n

      no remarkno remark

    93. D***v

      Norms. Crossbars and putty determine easily. For home use the most it

    94. A***k

      Accuracy is not very, but the putty will find

    95. M***n

      Everything works fine

    96. R***r

      I came quickly to put the battery I will try and then add

    97. O***o

      The goods came quickly, the shipment is satisfied, as well as the goods work properly. Recommend!!!
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    98. K***c

      Super Merci

    99. S***a

      Really works from 150 + Micron less determines after times and it happens just 0, but all painted places basically over 200 so find шпаклёвку can. All that was painted in my car determined for sure. You can take it.

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