Car Diagnostic Scanner ABS SRS ECM System Detection


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    t information :

    Type: car fault detector

    Detection system: Engine ABS SRS ECM

    Power supply voltage: 12 (V)

    Working temperature: -20-40 (℃)

    The hinkcar Thinkscan Plus S2 car scanner supports 3 systems (ECM/ABS/SRS.):

    ECM system diagnosis: (The engine control module (ECM) has the function of continuously monitoring and controlling the normal operation of the engine. In modern engine management systems, ECM is its core control element. ECM diagnosis can diagnose different engine operating conditions. Engine, to Optimizing engine performance (dynamics, economy, emissions).

    ABS System Diagnosis: Diagnosing ABS problems should always start with a visual inspection of all components, next you need to retrieve the ABS code to tell where the problem is, and that’s what this scanner does for you.

    SRS System Diagnostics: Safety Restraint System, consisting of crash sensors, control modules and the airbag itself, this diagnostic device detects every electronic parameter to check its health.

    Size Information:

    Size: 28*25*5(mm)

    Packing list:

    1*Thinkcar Thinkscan Plus Host 

    1*Diagnostic dongle 

    1*Charging cable 

    1*power adapter

    Weight 0.90 kg
    Dimensions 300 × 270 × 70 cm

    Car diagnostic scanner

    Electrical outlet



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