Car Window And Windshield Decontamination Oil Film Remover Paint Repair


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    Product information:

    Product name: glass oil film remover

    Product weight: 30g remover, 2g sponge

    Gross weight: about 38g


    Designed with a soft sponge, this oil film remover will not scratch the surface of your car. Moreover, it has good water and rain resistance, forming a hydrophobic protective layer on the glass surface to prevent rain splashes.

    With its powerful cleaning power, this glass cleaner removes oil film, water stains and other stubborn stains from the glass, which will bring you a clear vision and improve visibility at night and in rainy days for safe driving.

    It is made of abrasives, oil adsorption particles, and emulsifier material.

    The length of the product is 13.7cm, and the width is 3.5cm. And the length of the sponge brush is 7cm, the width is 3cm and the thickness is 1.5cm.

    It can be widely used on the glass of various parts of the car.

    Packing list:

    1* Remover

    1* Sponge

    Product Image:

    Weight 0.04 kg
    Dimensions 157 × 55 × 30 cm



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