Customizable And Convenient Wireless Charging Bicycle Electric Car Ball Car Inflatable Treasure


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    Product information:

    Material: ABS

    Size: 71mm*45mm*130mm

    Voltage: 5V

    Main scope of application: cars, electric cars, motorcycles, bicycles

    Additional features: wireless and wired charging

    Packing list:

    Air pump*1

    Weight 0.57 kg
    Dimensions 150 × 70 × 100 cm


    100 reviews for Customizable And Convenient Wireless Charging Bicycle Electric Car Ball Car Inflatable Treasure

    1. A***D

      It's always convenient to prepare with one of these portable air compressors

    2. M***e

      It has been used on bicycles, but it works well and is very easy to use. It can be used without the need to plug in the power supply

    3. J***k

      When the pressure setting is reached, the digital setting and automatic closing function are also good. Also comes with ball and air cushion inflatable adapter. Comprehensive good products.
      no remark

    4. M***n

      It can be used to inflate bicycle tires, football and even small toys. It's very useful.

    5. S***e

      It has a quick release car valve, which is much better than the screw on the valve. I like that it has an automatic shutdown function, you just need to set the tire psi to PSI, and when it reaches your setting, it will stop.

    6. J***e

      I like the idea of providing a compact portable charger for motorcycles to "take me home" in an emergency,

    7. C***r

      The effect is very good. It's easy to clip the connector to the tire without letting too much air out.

    8. R***t

      The noise level is pretty good, so even if you inflate your tires on terraced streets like I do, your neighbors are less likely to complain about the noise.

    9. J***g

      The product seems to work very well, but the inflator broke down after several times of use. Fortunately, the seller was very helpful and replaced the inflator with a brand new item. Good customer service. The product itself has good effect and is very suitable for motorcycle travel. It is small in size, light in weight, easy to pack and has enough strength to inflate motorcycle tires

    10. D***a

      Excellent quality and powerful function, I highly recommend it also been using it to inflate balloons and twist balloons. It can work wonders.

    11. L***w

      Instead of buying a hand pump, I decided to put it in my backpack. It's not too heavy, and it works well when I test it. All the required bits are in the box.

    12. S***d

      Lifeguards in situations where terrible air pressure warning lights are everywhere. Portable, powerful, very suitable for cars and bicycles. It emphasizes that I've been insufficiently filling the bicycle tires all these years!

    13. M***i

      The car is not my purpose, so I can't comment here. I use it for bicycles, balls, inflatable baths and other household items, which is great. Not the quietest, but with zero effort to complete the work. I'll buy it again. It's definitely five stars.

    14. P***a

      Quite a lot of toolkits, car tires, bicycle tires, football, all make them disappear without any problem

    15. D***s

      The structure of the device is very good. You can see four buttons from the front:

      -Left button — turn on the flashlight

      -Right button — we can choose different inflation settings (balloon, car or bicycle)

      -Press up and down to increase and decrease the inflation pressure.

    16. H***E

      The portable and super simple compressor can inflate from balloon to car wheel in a few minutes by balloon and scooter.

    17. H***a

      Set up the vehicle (bicycle, car, balloon…), select the required pressure and start. The rest is done automatically by compressorino.

      The real pressure is the same as that detected by car sensors.

    18. D***r

      I have an electric scooter that needs a lot of maintenance to inflate the wheels. The wheel must be precisely at 4.5 atmospheres, otherwise there is a risk of puncture. For some reason, the wheels bleed frequently. I have a manual pump, but it is difficult to control the atmosphere, but now that I have this pump, all the problems have been solved! I set my mood on the screen, and the wheels were inflated quickly and accurately!

    19. T***r

      Take it out of the box, take out the tube, open it… Ready to use!

    20. B***t

      It makes a little noise, which is normal. It heats up correctly, but it doesn't indicate that the power is reduced. The display is clear and readable even in the sun, and it can be charged via USB (so it can be charged well even in the car).

    21. B***a

      Although I have a real compressor in my garage at home, this pump is really satisfying and very useful. It can be packed in a backpack for long-time scooter travel or just used in an emergency.

    22. C***i

      I bought this small compressor because I have been working with Xiaomi electric scooter for several weeks, and in order to obtain greater safety and tranquility, I think I need a small, comfortable, light, especially powerful compressor.

    23. K***N

      Excellent pump, can restore the correct pressure of the car, motorcycle and bicycle. Not too noisy and fast, especially considering the size of the device. It also reduces the use of bicycle valves, even reduces the needle of football, basketball… It has preset standard pressure for various types of vehicles, but it is still easy to set the correct tire pressure of the car or bicycle. Remember it.

      Charging is done through a micro USB socket, which is very fast.

    24. B***n

      It's a good, rechargeable and powerful system. It's light and can inflate the car's tires.

    25. H***Y

      If you want compact and lightweight objects to inflate the tires if necessary… Without any effort, it is recommended!

    26. W***A

      In addition to inflating balls, bicycles, car wheels and scooters, if you're lazy like me, you can also inflate the sea mattress – you can put it anywhere

    27. L***n

      It has a certain weight, but it used to be a device to use it is not without it. This is especially useful for drivers, you can check the condition of the tires at any time

    28. O***a

      It is suitable for all kinds of small compressors. Do you need to inflate the bicycle tires? No problem

    29. K***a

      Set the type (bicycle, balloon or car), change the preset pressure if necessary, and then press the center button. When the set pressure is reached, the compressor will stop. And use standard power supply to charge. Small size, suitable for any place. Highly respected.

    30. B***a

      I've seen the product in some reviews and am waiting for the right time to use it

    31. H***m

      I would say it's quiet, or at least it's going to make the noise that the micro compressor is expected to make.

    32. A***v

      The right motorcycle and bicycle compact micro pump. At first I thought that the pressure is not enough and was surprised by dealing with 4 bicycle tires for about 12 minutes at 45 PSI without any problem.

      It is extremely slow at car tire and for me is useless for that task.

    33. A***i

      Compressor meets my expectations. Small, handy, does not take much space and decent price

    34. J***o

      It works well for now, I like it, my happy husband

    35. M***N

      Very good product, see the solidity in time. Tendency to heat a little, for a pressure of 3 bar is cut to the 2 th tire at 2.5 Bar. Maybe a security, I have not read the little manual in English yet.
      But nothing serious. I recommend this seller, he responds very well and quickly to requests. Ordered on May 11 and delivered on May 26, 2021.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    36. J***r

      Just what I needed, easy to use, pumped up my 4 tires on my car in no time, quick charge through USB, great for bikes as well

    37. J***i

      This is great to take out with you on a ride out and your tyre starting to have a low pressure in the middle of no where, it put pressure back into my tyre quite quickly, I'd say it's a good life saver and handy to have for a situation
      no remark

    38. E***s

      Perfect Just what i needed

    39. K***a

      After reading all the positive feedback about this pump i must say this is the best ever.
      No more struggling with the hand pump.
      Highly recommended

    40. J***y

      Obviously it is not a real compressor though to be powered by a battery in case of an emergency may be really useful
      no remark

    41. T***n

      I found this to be very handy, it's easy to use small and lightweight as well.
      I just leave it in the glove compartment so that is ready to hand.

    42. B***N

      Works well good that it is battery powered so no need to worry about finding a 12V plug. Nice not to have wires

    43. C***a

      Great portable air compressor which has led display where can be choice what will be used for. Change bar pressure accordingly.
      It has locking mechanism which ideal to hands free pumping. It also has led light which can be helpful in emergency.
      Overall small and great portable pump.

    44. B***x

      This is a brilliant device. My husband had one come with his car and when I saw how good it was I of course needed one too! It arrived super quick and was really easy to set up and use. I’m super happy with this and it is now in my car.

    45. B***x

      Bought this for my motorbike as its a nightmare taking it to the garage. This is perfect, it's easily powerful enough to fill my tyres, with a nice clear display.

      I like the presets too, didn't think I'd use it on the car but have also managed that as well.

    46. D***x

      Small and compact. I have used it to inflate footballs and it does a good job. It has found a new home in the car for emergencies it is compact, easy to charge and does not need alot of space. You will have to buy a storage pouch for the extra bits.

    47. C***x

      I’ve recently changed 4 tires and I use this.
      It is extremely fast and convenient, I love how technology has changed and allowed for cool gadgets like this

    48. S***x

      One of the best gadget I bought interns of versatility! I don’t have a car but I use it for my foot ball training! I can even pump my air bed. For the price it does wonders!

    49. S***x

      Smart and small equipment to use very helpful my husband was so surprised how quick and powerful it is recommended

    50. H***x

      Worked better than I thought. Very useful and a great price…

    51. A***s

      Came charged so could use straight away.
      So easy to use and came with the correct ball needle along with other adapters.

    52. O***r

      Had enough with 50p or even 1 pound charge for each air pumping, and more often than not the air pumps are OUT OF ORDER! The 12V air pump in the car is really a pain to use. This compact and smart item is a life saver really. Tested and did a perfect job. Would recommand it to others.

    53. F***o

      Brought for the families bikes and it inflated all three bikes in just one charge, its small and very quite. Really pleased.

    54. H***s

      Very easy and straightforward to use, literally plug in, press the button and inflate. Lots of different valves for different uses and does so quickly. Highly recommended!

    55. C***d

      One person found this helpful

    56. S***n

      Bought this to mainly top up my bike and inflate my son's hopper and other toys. Very impressed with this little device. Easy to use with simple controls and very versatile with lots of applications. Build quality looks solid too making it a little heavy but still nice little air compressor to have. Would recommend.
      Customer imageCustomer image

    57. M***e

      I needed a mobile batter powered pump to help me re pressurise my hot water ex vessel.

    58. J***h

      This is a multi-purpose air pump I mostly ues it for a car but can ues for cycle and baby bath taps and football extra…

    59. E***l

      Riding a bike is way easier when you frequently control and set the tyre pressure. Well, it can be done by a hand inflator, but this device makes it very easy especially when you need to go to work early morning. It is also easy to be used for car tyres. Satisfied with my purchase.

    60. O***n

      Portable and practical this pump is an essential item in a garage or home workshop. Battery seems to last long, comes with a USB and a cigarette lighter plug to charge wherever you are. Also comes with presta and ball type attachments for non-auto uses. Shows pressure digitally and is faster than expected. One person found this helpful

    61. S***o

      It is more powerful than any other pumps I have ever used so far. It has large battery capasity and lightweight at the same time. No need to connect your car lighter space or any connection. Just charge the item fully and ready to use at any time.

    62. J***y

      I have tried it on Saturday and it worked fine.
      Make sure you connect properly as it might not function correctly.
      It take a bit longer, depending on how low your tyes are, but it is worth if you want to avoid going to the petrol station

    63. H***y

      I’ve used it to pump up all of my footballs so far for the past two days with no issues at all. Easy to use and pumps ball up quickly. Long lasting battery too. Handy for any coach or PE teacher who uses loads of balls no matter the sport. Very handy for me as I like to have every ball at the same PSI and it has a clear reading of the balls PSI before, during and after pumping.

    64. K***s

      Very easy to use, so far used just once for my car tyre and it works brilliantly!! My tyre was full in like 30sec. Very happy with this product. Thank you very much!

    65. B***a

      Very handy and quick to pump up the footballs for my son. He is well impressed and can’t wait to take it to local park when playing with his friends in summer

    66. B***i

      Excellent, it had recharge after tested and work perfectly

    67. M***N

      Very good product, fast delivery for China 12 days. I recommend this seller who is serious and responds quickly to the message on Ali. You can ask for the email sending of the leaflet in French (PDF) that I translated and numbered the pages and especially enlarged for more readability (for all francophone countries)

    68. G***s


    69. A***v

      Good pump, I advise.

    70. V***v

      Finally, I got my device. Looks like in the picture. Delivery 3 weeks. I will check in the case I will write
      no remark

    71. S***r

      This is my favorite. I won't drag my big compressor to inflate the tires at home, just use this bad boy.electric air pump

    72. D***B

      I recently purchased this inflator to use on my new car. The vehicle has a low tire pressure warning light, and I wanted to have a way to quickly and easily maintain my tire pressure. The other day my warning light went on, and this past weekend I gout out my inflator and used it for the very first time.

    73. K***n

      It took me longer to find what my tire pressure is supposed to be, and get the charging wire bundle out of the holder, and untie the bit that holds the long, long cord in a tight figure-8, and plug it in, than it did to use the thing!Car Tyre Inflator

    74. R***n

      More details: The instruction page was clear and got the job done, but there was a reference to screwing on the valve bit, when in fact there is a lever that once you press the valve comver on, you flip 90 degrees, and it locks it in place. No screwing needed.Car Tyre Inflator

    75. S***e

      If I had one complaint, it would be that when the unit is on, the built-in light comes on as well. Saves having a separate button to fiddle with to turn it on and off (and one less thing to break), but I kinda wished I could decide when to draw power. But I like having choices. I didn't knock a "star" off the review for that!

    76. Z***z

      Don't know how well this unit would inflate a giant inner tube for river rafting, or how long it would need to run to completely fill an empty tire. That 8-minutes max before it needs to cool down could be a limiting factor. But for roadside assistance uses, to quickly re-inflate an under-inflated tire, this was a breeze to use.

    77. C***a

      Very happy with this unit. I like the storage case it comes with too. I have not used any of the extra nozzle attachments.

    78. B***y

      Note that the Fortem was able to reach the rear tires of my Toyota Sienna with a foot or so to spare. The Air hose is 18 inches, and the Power Cord is 10 ft.. If you're unsure measure from your car's power source (12v accessory socket) to the door and to the rear tire.

    79. B***o

      I like this Fortem Digital Tire Inflator very much. Everything works as expected. Accurate – checked against 2 other digital pressure gauges. It is quiet and compact. Easy to read. Lit display. Easy to set desired pressure.

    80. P***a

      The tire pressure was uneven on all four, after filling them quickly at the gas station. One tire was at 27.5, and filled to 30.5 maybe in 20 second (estimated). The pump stopped at the preset pressure when it was reached.

    81. B***s

      Car Tyre InflatorWe inflated my tire and I was able to get home safely.

    82. T***s

      The LED light is bright enough to illuminate the work area. It is constantly on, once connected to the power source.Car Tyre Inflator

    83. L***t

      Car Tyre InflatorI was panicked when I went to my car the other night and had a flat tire. I had no idea how to change my tire, as my husband always takes care of stuff like that. Luckily a passerby had a small tire inflator, like this one, in his car.

    84. B***k

      Immediately after purchasing this unit, I received an email from the seller, Amy, notifying me of the one-year warranty that comes with the Fortem Car Tyre InflatorCompressor and providing me with a link to register my unit.

    85. M***n

      Car Tyre InflatorI read many of the negative reviews before buying. Be real!

    86. B***s

      I love the way everything needed to inflate my tires can be stowed under the front passenger seat; no batteries are needed; and the unit seems to work flawlessly.Car Tyre Inflator

    87. S***n

      This device will inflate all four of your tires quickly to the exact pressure you can easily set before toggling the on/off switch. It then automatically Car Tyre Inflatorinflates and turns off when the set pressure is reached.

    88. K***r

      Car Tyre InflatorTotally love this thing!! Will be getting another for myself and will add to list of Christmas gifts for next year. It worked perfect! Just like described

    89. B***a

      Very good. Not only can still use as induction charger.

    90. J***o

      The material looks good quality. The only drawback I see is that it gets little air flow. I bought it for paddle surfboard and it's not useful, it would take a long time to inflate. To give you the last inflate if you can serve, measure the pressure well

    91. D***a

      In just two weeks it's delivered and in perfect condition, it's the room I buy and I find it a wonder, they function great
      no remark

    92. I***r

      It works does its function somewhat noisy but saves for a rush

    93. H***s

      The goods received 4 days after the order, the courier brought home. The compressor is made in appearance well, nothing dangles, does not creak, the plastic is strong. While I liked everything, I still have not tried it, I'll try, I'll add a review. The only thing that upset a little is that there is no instruction in Russian language, although delivery from Russia. But I think that nothing terrible, as usual, we'll figure it out!

    94. B***n

      Great for those scare you got in the middle of nowhere, I tried it the other day and it took a little time to get the whole wheel inflated, but it did it smoothly. 1

    95. A***l

      Tire inflator for revising and keep a point the pressures from the wheels. It connects to the lighter and does not take long to perform its function.

    96. S***h

      Great! It came very fast. It's very small, easy to keep in the car.

    97. J***S

      All right and good. Fast shipping and seller communicator. By testing it has worked to perfection, better than I expected. 100% recommended. I would make the same purchase again

    98. D***y

      Convenient compact and functional compressor. Itself turns off when the selected pressure is reached. Very much heated hose! Apparently there is no lubrication in the cylinder at all. In general, I am satisfied with the goods, I recommend to purchase.

    99. K***s

      It came quickly. The size is small. It's funny. You'll need to lubricate. For the machine OK. Yes, the equipment is good, everything is necessary.

    100. F***o

      It performs its function, buys 2 and wonders.

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