Do Not Repeat Car Personality Stickers Skateboard Luggage


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    Product information:

    Material: Self-adhesive

    Style: graffiti sticker

    Adhesion: strong

    Applicable place: any smooth surface

    Pattern: Graffiti

    Item No.: 50 theme series stickers

    Type: Stickers

    Series: Graffiti Stickers

    Width: 6-12cm

    Color: 50 Korean combination, 50VSCO summer, 50 neon lights, 50 cute art A, 50 superhero A, 50 superhero B, 50 small fresh, 50 Simpson A, 50 Naruto, 50 rock music, 50 black and white music, 50 Harajuku Starry Sky B, 50 Harajuku Starry Sky A, 50 Horror A, 50 Horror B, 50 Programming Language, 50 Racing, 50 Harry Potter, 50 Unicorn Series, 50 Star Wars A, 50 Star Wars B, 50 Black Planet, 50 Zhang NASA space, 50 pink, 50 cute summer

    Product Category: Graffiti

    Packing list:

    Doodle sticker set*1

    Weight 0.03 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 cm

    50neon lights


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