Mobile Phone Control Car One-way Remote Control One Button To Start The Car Alarm


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    Product information:

    Material: ABS+ metal

    Applicable model: All automobiles, off-road modified vehicles

    Alarm mode: sound, vibration

    Alarm range: 3000 meters

    Power supply voltage: DC12 (V)

    Operating temperature: -20~60 (℃)

    Type: one-way anti-theft device

    Type: Burglar alert

    Alarm trigger indication: sound and light alarm

    Alarm loudness: 115dB

    Alarm response time: less than 0.1 seconds

    Function: burglar alarm

    Applicable to: automobile

    Type of alarm: unidirectional alarm

    Color category: Red + Frosted Black

    Remote control or not: Yes, bring 2 remote controls

    Specification: one-way

    Monitoring distance: 3000M

    Function Description:

    1.FSK technology

    2. Super distance 800M

    3. Monitoring range of ultra-long pager 2000M

    4. Powerful anti-hijacking technology

    5. Change the LCD color according to different alarms

    6. Electronic/pneumatic lock is optional

    7. Windows close/suitcases release negative output

    8. Central door lock automation

    9.GPS tracking function

    10. Automatic defense (programmable)

    11. Vibration sensing/false alarm prevention

    12. Vibration sensor, ultrasonic sensor port connection

    13. Automatic intelligent window lifting

    14. Turbine timing start mode (Optional)

    Specification parameter:

    1. Working frequency: 433-434 MHz

    2. Working voltage of the main engine: 12 soil 3V

    3. Host static current: ≤20mA (with vibration sensor)

    4. Siren volume: 110-125 dB

    5. Operating temperature of the host: -40°C± 80°C

    6. Remote control operating voltage: 3.3V-14.3V =V

    7. Static current of remote control: ≤20μA

    8. Remote control operating temperature: -20°C±60°C

    Packing list:

    Alarm set *1

    Weight 1.25 kg
    Dimensions 330 × 160 × 100 cm



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