USB driving recorder starlight night vision electronic dog


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    Appearance size: 45*38.26 (mm)

    Shooting angle: 150°

    Pixel: 12 million

    Data storage capacity: Maximum support 32G

    Data storage time: Loop recording

    Data transmission interface: USB

    Transmission rate: 70

    Installation location: Android navigation

    Power supply: 12V

    Voltage: 5V

    Rated current: 1A

    Weight 0.16 kg
    Dimensions 150 × 120 × 100 cm




    100 reviews for USB driving recorder starlight night vision electronic dog

    1. V***n

      The seller is well done, everything is OK!

    2. R***r

      Packing is good. in work for now

      I checked. I'll write later.

    3. M***m


    4. B***i

      Fast and beautiful product
      no remarkno remark

    5. N***n

      It's very fast connect really easily thanks very much to the seller

    6. R***u


    7. G***g


    8. M***c

      Nice camera, tested vith andtoid 8.

    9. J***k

      Very well packaged! Arrived fast.
      Must try now ….

    10. S***o

      Good time of day! I have a gu Teyes, a branded registrar is more expensive in 2 times, took this one. At first thought that does not work, with native DVR application does not work, tried and factory tinctures change etc. And so on, did not help… Then accidentally went into the files, saw that on the recorder prog, which I installed and all earned, immediately updated. While everything works, the quality is good, let's see if it's long… To the seller Thank you, all kind!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    11. I***n

      I'm very satisfied

    12. S***r

      Received the item need to check install and check the product
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    13. S***r

      Received the item
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    14. G***e


    15. Y***y

      Too big

    16. T***k


    17. U***r

      All perfect!

    18. S***n

      Thank you! Very quickly reached Omsk!

    19. G***

      Seller super reliable non-or even tried me thought that both perfect
      no remark

    20. H***f

      I'm very satisfied

    21. C***n

      Very good material

    22. O***o

      Doshol whole thanks to the seller recommend to Stupino Shol 21 days
      no remarkno remark

    23. A***v

      From order to receive 14 days (Hmao). On the request to better pack the goods, the seller was treated with all responsibility! Nothing's damaged. Additionally put as a gift a keychain. After installation I will add.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    24. R***i

      Thank you, everything is fine
      Delivery to Ukraine in three weeks.
      Thank you for the present.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    25. V***v

      I am super tavsie

    26. D***a

      Free shipping new arrival fast e very packed beautiful and קבלתי gift thank you very much
      no remark

    27. G***i

      It looks very good, very good definition, I haven't tried the adas function

    28. M***f

      Quickly doszlo and works very well cleanly and clearly recommend

    29. M***k

      IT works perfectly +++

    30. A***h

      Great camera!

    31. A***r


    32. A***r

      All perfect!! Very well built.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    33. D***i

      Mermaid bangle use to tell basin ㅠ ㅠ

    34. S***i


    35. V***u

      It corresponds to the description of the product in part because it does not correspond to all the photos and does not have wi-fi. We have to try.

    36. R***r

      I got the camera, I'll check it out tomorrow and Unsubscribe

    37. V***v

      I asked the seller for it completely black!!!! Thank him very much!!!!! You see all the functions work! In yutuba there is a full description!!! Camera from the category-put and forgot!! Cool
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    38. M***i

      Very nicely packed, delivered on time. I haven't used the product yet.

    39. I***i

      Excellent long no הרכבתי look good product

    40. A***v

      Installation simple image excellent

    41. I***N

      The parcel received on the 13th day after payment. In the kit I ordered a card for 16 GB, a card in stock, another seller put a keychain as a gift. The camera connected immediately, the application was also installed quickly. Updated via the Internet, ADAS and e-dog appeared, while I did not set up. The video quality is normal during the day, I did not test at night.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    42. I***n

      Everything works. Thank you.

    43. V***v

      The seller is sociable, the goods sent the next day after the order. The item ordered 20.10.2020 received 02.11.2020. Connected in 15 minutes, updated immediately. Everything works without complaints, the quality is good.
      no remarkno remark

    44. T***s

      viskas atitinka aprašima

    45. R***a

      Camera compatible with description plus nice gift thank you and recommend
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    46. V***z

      Very quickly everything works I really liked

    47. K***r

      Good ~~~~~

    48. V***n

      Works fine, its money is worth. plus a gift
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    49. K***n

      Everything works, connect easily, soft built-in

    50. D***z

      Syper camera fast delivery Recommend

    51. P***r

      Works under zapalniczkę at night without szału

    52. S***a

      Delivery less than a month, the video quality is excellent, the seller sent a gift
      no remarkno remark

    53. V***k

      it's ok! very good
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    54. Y***g

      no remark

    55. M***r

      great product need to plug it
      no remarkno remark

    56. A***s

      Tube problems with local parcel, but I received it along with another product works very well.
      no remark

    57. R***L

      Not yet proven

    58. P***v

      Put, the picture quality is better than on cheap, I will reset the picture later

    59. M***t

    60. M***n

      Everything came OK, I'll check, install and add a review, write

    61. N***n

      Came for three weeks in Kiev. + keychain as a gift. I haven't checked the robot yet.

    62. E***v

      The DVR is good, everything is OK

    63. Y***c

      Corresponds to the description
      Good image and sound quality
      Discreet and effective I recommend
      no remark

    64. V***v

      Received, to the seller for a gift thank you.
      The parcel went to Ukraine for about 5 weeks.
      The seller sent the parcel promptly, at the Ukrainian customs the parcel hung for 3 weeks.
      I haven't plugged in yet.
      no remark

    65. P***i

      Shipping from China to M/o 2 weeks, seller put as a gift keychain, everything works, ADAS and edog appeared after the update, the program lies in the memory of the Registrar, ADAS talks Russian and edog in Chinese, connected to kingbeats K1 plus 4/64. Removes like norms, but not smoothly, menu in English, attempts to switch from FHD to HD in the menu until results are given ….
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    66. E***n

      Everything works. It came very quickly. Quality is not bad. Numbers
      Can see. Connected to Teyes pro.

    67. I***v

      Good seller

    68. H***b

      The product arrived and quickly thanks to the seller

    69. C***a

      great product, I didn't test yet but look great, the seller sent a gift
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    70. R***b

      Good manufactory. Yet to try
      no remark

    71. M***m

      The quality is not the best, but it's not for yutuba, so I advise the producer, responsive!

    72. A***n

      Packed well, as transport in our country all know. So the packing is important here. The parcel is tracked all the way. I'll connect later. The quality is well done, the wire does not hang out from the registrar. Please buy.
      no remarkno remark

    73. Z***v

      Got it in two weeks. How I do not know yet, but Comp. Writes that the device is not identified.

    74. W***a

      Arrived well protected DVR camera, looks very good Lack to test it, I recommend seller and store
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    75. K***n

      The goods came quickly. Everything works. On the head device did not check, but from the flash drive the recorded file looked. Quality is good. The body is strong. When working, it is slightly heated. After installation, I will write an additional review.
      no remarkno remark

    76. V***v

      It all came whole. The seller was in touch. Recommend.

    77. N***v

      Fast delivery, connected quickly, everything works
      I liked it
      no remarkno remark

    78. D***s

      I received my order but I haven’t installed yet…… looks ok and very well wrapped up 🙂

    79. I***v

      Delivery is fast, packed well, but without a box. Connected, everything works. Updated to the version in the program. quality is good. Let's see how much is enough. Thank you.
      no remarkno remark

    80. I***z

      Looks good, smaller than expected (which is good, non-intrusive). came with 8gb memory card (can't remember if I ordered one or not). Will update re how well it works
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    81. V***v

      The product fully matches the description. Comes in a soft package. The micro SD card is working properly. Thank you to the seller for a small gift. I was pleased with the fast delivery.

    82. P***v

      Fast delivery and fully corresponds to the description
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    83. M***v

      It came in three weeks neatly packed, everything is whole, until I installed, I will put a feedback

    84. N***u

      It arrived fast and in good condition!

    85. A***e

      Delivered in normal, did not check.
      no remark

    86. R***v

      Excellent recorder

    87. D***o

      I came quickly. I did not even notice) it looks good, heavy, I did not check how I will put it. Ordered without a flash drive, as I had. + The seller put a gift!))
      no remarkno remark

    88. B***k

      extra very happy

    89. R***r

      There is no bagging packing like people in the photo and no instruction

    90. L***o

      Thank you for the excellent product.

    91. B***z

      Delivery fast, packaging reliable, quality goods! Everyone is satisfied, we recommend the store!

    92. M***m

      Good registrar. It's bad that the phone does not play. I'll try via OTG to connect but a little later. I'll add it or not. The quality of shooting and sound is very normal and not a professional camera. Delivery is also undelayed. In Omsk for 3 weeks.

    93. E***o

      Great product. Arrived in ten days.
      Recommended seller

    94. A***v

      Ordered 11.11. It came quickly. Seller recommend
      no remark

    95. A***e


    96. A***i

      Very quickly the seller sent. And quickly reached Saratov. I haven't checked the work yet.

    97. E***o

      Everything is fine

    98. K***e

      Surprised by the super fast delivery
      Clear operation as described, good condition
      I am satisfied.
      no remarkno remark

    99. N***a

      Everything works, packed perfectly! Thank you
      no remark

    100. D***c

      Received as described, very well packed and protected. Looking forward to install in my car.

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