Winter New Short Plush Car Seat Fully Surrounded


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    Product information:

    Project type: interior accessories and seat covers

    Product name: General Motors Safety Seat

    Material: fiber

    Type: Winter

    Put on the vehicle: front

    Weight 1.10 kg
    Dimensions 390 × 390 × 200 cm

    Coffee, Beige, Purple, Grey, Black



    99 reviews for Winter New Short Plush Car Seat Fully Surrounded

    1. R***r

      Quickly (to Volgograd 2 weeks), qualitatively, I take the second from this seller, for 1600r and 1700r. Recommend. For Mitsubishi Outlander will go.
      no remark

    2. R***a

      Very cool covers. Soft, pleasant to the touch. At KIO Rio 2012 came up perfectly. Thank you for the goods. Delivery by courier to the house.

    3. P***p

      Quality is super!!! You can take it.
      Seller five!!!

    4. R***r

      Good, good

    5. A***v

      Got up clearly. Hyundai Avanta MD 2011G. V.

    6. D***h

      Good thing

    7. A***

      Took last year, for a sample. Ordered more. In the summer it is not hot, but in winter it is not cold. Quality is good. Took in a minibus, looks authentic to the car. delivery is fast. Thank you.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    8. 2***r

      Ordered 11.11 Black 2 PCs Front covers. The seller sent 2 parcels quickly… 03.12 received both .. The seller communicates bodro. The product is good-the photo from the site corresponds. there is a non-slip backing, there are thickened zones, soft pleasant material. Closes the sidewalls and the front of the seller's seat and I recommend cases. Good luck everyone!

    9. E***a

      I received my cases only 6 days after the order, thanks for the high speed of delivery. I looked around, like, without marriage. A good seller, order, you will not regret.

    10. F***y

      The back of the back is something to reach

    11. I***v

      Good covers, well sewn. Delivery fast from Russia, Courier.

    12. A***n

      Excellent covers for their price-a very good purchase. The salon immediately purchased a completely different kind. The covers are really warm, soft for both sitting and touching.

      They sat down well, but not perfect. A little slinky, not everywhere it turns out to hook in the tension with a native mount, but if you turn around, can somewhere sew, where to fix with a pin-you can achieve a quite decent result!

      In the photo, the result is on the Ford Fusion of 2007. It can be seen that a little too small, because. In the place of fastening of the headrest, a large gap remains not very beautiful. But again, given the price-everything is very good!

      Pockets at the bottom are ideal for replaceable wiring for recharging devices, as well as small items for filling and carts in hypermarkets
      no remarkno remark

    13. E***v

      Good soft cases

    14. L***n

      Capes came in 4 days!!! Super fast to Odintsovo! ordered from the Russian Federation. very nice look and the material is pleasant to the touch. We're happy! Boldly order. took for Santa Fe classic!
      no remark

    15. A***v

      Normal, funeral species,
      Brush Box

    16. G***y

      Thank you! the goods came very quickly, delivery by courier!
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    17. R***a

      Very fast delivery. Beautiful, quality, comfortable.
      no remark

    18. C***y

      Quality cases

    19. A***v

      Thank you all came up for 10 days

    20. K***a

      Just over a week to Moscow. I order the second time already as a gift. Thank you seller for fast shipment
      no remarkno remark

    21. 5***r

      The cover is wonderful. I sat on the wound 4 perfectly. Parcel was not tracked, but came 2 weeks earlier than the declared time and the case itself was packed in 4 packages.

    22. A***v

      Super fast in 3 days. Approached perfectly on ah-35 Hyundai!

    23. F***f

      Exact description, fit in size, pleasant to the touch.

    24. 4***r

      Excellent cover, installed easily. At Ford Focus 2009 he sat down like a native. To the touch is very pleasant, there is no smell. Well, let's see how it will be in operation.
      no remark

    25. S***n

      Chic cape, Super delivery.

    26. G***v

      Got what I wanted.

    27. S***v

      Ordered on December 5, received an order on December 14 by courier. Very fast. The order corresponds to the description, without damage. Thank you!

    28. P***k

      Good covers! Thank you.

    29. A***a

      I did not notice that the cover was only on one chair. Looks good. Not yet dressed

    30. U***u

      I arrived and I have calculated I am a husband but I hope to clarify in other orders

    31. R***r

      Everything is fine) the order is received) cases are awesome!!!!)))) all satisfied))))

    32. I***g

      Super! Excellent quality!!! Thank you

    33. S***v

      Delivery about 10 days. Color and quality is normal. On Nissan X-Trail 2018 sat perfectly. Let's see how much is enough. Thank you to the seller for speed. P.S. track was not tracked by mail.

    34. R***a

      I really like these cases, I order the second time. Soon I will order for the rear seats.

    35. D***a

      I was not careful and thought that for 1700 there would be two covers on the front seats. I was very upset. But I think it's not my care. The order came quickly. The courier delivered to the house. Quality is good. BMW 320 sat normally
      no remarkno remark

    36. O***a

      Good!!!! tracked.
      If a pair order
      Send separately with difference in 2 weeks
      I was so sent

    37. S***o

      On Nissan patfinder all passed
      no remark

    38. R***r

      Все супер!))) Без нареканий!

    39. K***k

      Very beautiful and soft, not yet measured but I hope fit. I recommend the seller!!!!

    40. H***e

      Kia Carnival, perfect fit and all new morning end slightly four key. Caustic non okey. Shipping fast four key
      no remark

    41. P***k

      As always gorgeous. Thank you. Already six ordered…!

    42. M***a

      Covers are excellent, completely coincides with the declared seller. I did not think that they would fit my car, because the covers are pain, but oddly enough, they sat down wonderful! So, owners of Toyota bB dorestail, take it! Suitable. after reading reviews about long delivery from Russia, I ordered delivery from China. Came very quickly, despite our new year. Recommend!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    43. L***s

      Very good!

    44. L***o

      Everything came up, the covers are cool, the delivery is fast, which is amazing, I will order more on the back seats
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    45. I***v

      It came very quickly-everything is chic-I recommend

    46. V***v


    47. P***v

      The order was sent quickly and quickly came, despite the new year. Description corresponds.

    48. A***k

      хорошие чехлы. пришли быстро. я доволен.

    49. V***n

      Took the second one. Delivered quickly. Hyundai Tucson car this year. A little small.

    50. D***s

      Super! Ratings xorosoe kacestvo!rekomenduju!
      no remark

    51. G***l

      чехлы пришли другим цветом не тот цвет который заказывал
      no remark

    52. F***f

      Quality is excellent

    53. I***r

      The goods received quickly, packed perfectly, look solid. Thank you.

    54. R***n

      Came just a fly. quality is good.

    55. O***a

      The case is cool. Took the second one already. The first perfectly lay in Chrysler Neon 2. These Chevrolet Astro are not very suitable, but I will accept). ordered from Russia. It's been three days.

    56. R***d


    57. D***d

      Good Goods

    58. E***o

      very good.

    59. M***i

      Took on Shevi tb2, ate pulled, in general they look not bad, laid out earlier feedback with pictures

    60. R***r

      Covers are incomparable, I did not even expect that such will come. very soft, lush nice to sit. Thanks to the masters who made them. Thank you to the seller for fast shipment. good luck and prosperity!!!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    61. S***v

      Perfectly sewn front cheholki on Haval H6 !!! Installation is original and extremely simple!!! Delivery to Balakovo 16 days. .. Packing for covers is normal, but… Personally, while I was carrying the covers from the Mail home-all the way grumbled that on the pens saved…

    62. S***v

      Order Received, 6 days, color slightly lighter. For my seats, the back is slightly short, Hyundai H1
      In general, I'm happy.
      Quality, delivery is all good

    63. S***i

      Rubber bands from below are short, I had to lengthen. Covers are excellent, you can in winter heated seats do not include. In the summer, I think it will not be hot, the material is good. 10 days delivery. I took for 1450, now the price has increased by 350R.

    64. V***v

      The appearance is very thin material, it will wipe quickly (it looks like), the operation will show.
      no remark

    65. D***n

      I took the front on MPV LW, the size approached, but not tightly on the armrests, because. There are no cutouts under them. We need to fit and pull up, I think there will be norms.
      The color is much brighter and lighter than the native beige salon.
      In general, at this price is excellent, I liked it, refreshing the bucket. I'll take another medium and rear row.
      no remark

    66. S***v

      Quality, good

    67. E***a

      It looks super good

    68. S***v

      Delivery fast-to Balakovo parcel arrived in 14 days, the quality of the cover is excellent-on a computer chair sits perfectly, though upside down!!! Thank you!!!

    69. V***v

      Чехлы класные.

    70. A***a

      Everything is super, we'll order another one.

    71. R***v

      если заказывать два чехла, то они приходят отдельно двумя посылками.

    72. P***v

      Заказ пришёл быстро. Спасибо! Материал хороший. Вот только летом, в жару, пользоваться поостерёгся. Будет, вероятно, жарко. Но лето покажет.

    73. D***o

      Cases are just bomb-free

    74. Z***z

      Excellent covers, look not cheap

    75. A***a

      Covers are just a bomb, very soft as velvet, quite thick, and very warm, ..

    76. U***r

      Everything would be fine color as in the photo you and so Clas! thank you

    77. *.

      The quality is excellent, the delivery is fast, perfect for Kia Rio X.
      no remark

    78. A***a

      Quality Super thank you

    79. A***s

      Cool plush covers. It is worth taking definitely. Very warm and pleasant to the touch. There are pockets over and behind.

    80. V***o

      Quality is good. It looks very good.

    81. M***v

      Delivered quickly, delivery from Russia, the quality is excellent. On Almer classic came up. The truth is that under the seat you have to have a spider with a spider for fasteners to pull all the ends to each other. I recommend the seller, I will take the cover on the back seat.

    82. K***a

      Excellent cases came for a week)
      no remark

    83. R***w

      I buy the second since the cover completely arranged
      no remark

    84. V***v

      Great product. seller sociable. thank you seller, good business for you. well done

    85. M***v

      I recommend, excellent covers.

    86. J***s

      Very nice and nice. Something difficult to place but that's what makes it fit the car seat well. I recommend 100%
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    87. D***v

      Prius 20 sat well. Delivered the courier to the house, days in 10

    88. S***v

      Ordered 29.03 received 02.04 to Smolensk in 4 days, delivery from Russia, delivered the courier home. The quality is good, the product corresponds to the description, the instruction in the kit, the material is soft, the purchase is satisfied, I will order the rear seats later. The seller and I recommend it.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    89. T***a

      Very cool cases!!! I did not regret it, I ordered 2 for the front, but I'll order the back later too. Pockets, everything is sewn, adjustable by locks. Gum I will suture, of course, on the side is very wide. I took a Crown at170.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    90. A***q

      Looks very good shipped quickly

    91. A***A

      очень хорошие. мне очень понравлись. я прямо в восторге. На Ниссан Тиида Латио передние подошли великолепно. Материал приятный, попа садится и радуется .Общение с продавцом на отлично. Отвечал на все вопросы. Доставка в Шира ,Хакасия, курьером. Теперь буду заказывать на задние сиденья.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    92. V***k

      Everything went well quickly

    93. K***x

      그랜드카니발 운전석에장착 아직미장착이고 올려놓기만했네요.보니.마감처리가잘되어있네요
      시간댈때 장착할까합니다
      약간 솜이 약함.좀더 푹신했으면좋겠네요.

    94. E***a

      Covers are excellent! Better than in the photo. Tight enough. Sewing quality. Came to Daihatsu Rocky 1991G. Delivery by courier to the place of residence. Packing is reliable. To the seller Thank you very much!!!

    95. N***a

      Shipping very fast, good product I have already the fourth time I buy it

    96. S***i

      It looks great and comfortable sitting I recommend buying it from this product

    97. G***g

      I tried on Megan 2, as a native village, I advise, the quality is excellent, it came with delivery in 2 days.

    98. U***a

      Very good ones. Soft cause to sit

    99. S***s

      Very good!

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