Wireless Vibration Single Car Electric Car Burglar Alarm


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    Product information:

    Material: ABS

    Type: Mobile alarm

    Weight: 125g

    Function: Three dimensional sensor, car alarm sound, fall for help

    Size information:

    Package size: 104 * 95 * 28mm

    Weight 0.13 kg
    Dimensions 124 × 115 × 48 cm


    92 reviews for Wireless Vibration Single Car Electric Car Burglar Alarm

    1. J***A

      Everything perfect

    2. P***u

      Works as in the description. I put this signal on my bike under the seat, where it is barely visible. Now led the park like a car! With Ginal 🙂
      no remark

    3. D***e

      Perfect merxi has you

    4. D***s

      good thanks!
      no remark

    5. A***o

      All bomb. Works clearly and loudly!!! To Novorossiysk 2 weeks

    6. G***s

      It's the second I buy, shipping Is the fastest I 've got to the Is the Canary Islands. Recommend seller, thank you

    7. Z***s

      Very loud siren!
      It is very sensitive, but its sensitivity is adjustable.
      Resistant to shocks and vibrations. Other similar products (like the 2 batteries) will ruin the vibration if you mount it on a bike. But this product endures.
      It doesnt have such a ball vibration sensor as other similar products, thankfully.
      It senses vibration differently, but very sensitively.

      Larger in size than the 2 batteries products, it cant be hidden so easily on the bike
      no remarkno remark

    8. J***n

      Love key

    9. J***n


    10. M***b

      Great item.would recommend to anyone with a motorbike.very happy. Thanks

    11. V***o

      no remark

    12. D***y

      I hope it what

    13. P***s


    14. S***v

      Loud thing!!!

    15. Y***n

      When you order, you need to tell seller how you want your remote controls and the alarms to be paired!

    16. G***r

      Good product

    17. S***o

      I take it for the second time. The first put on the bike, works adequately. The second took on the motorcycle. delivery three weeks before the grave. batteries in the kit. Lowest Price on Ali.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    18. P***p

      It's precisely what they promise. It works perfectly. Highly recommended product.

    19. N***u

      Loud alarm. Not yet installed on my bike but it looks not bad.

    20. M***s

      Very fast shipped, should it even trying but looks good

    21. V***r

      Thanks to the seller received the alarm everything works

    22. D***i

      Very fast shipping. The alarm system works wonderfully and has a very loud pitch, perfect. With the 2. transmitter had I initial problems. You did not teach yourself but the seller has immediately helped, now works also the 2. transmitter. Top seller
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    23. V***v

      Everything came safe and sound. The second keychain caught up easily. Although 7 levels of sensitivity are stated, but I somehow did not notice much difference. That at the minimum, that at the maximum, until the foot of the motorcycle does not kick to scream. On the transfer to a vertical position from the footboard does not react at all. How will the damper come down

    24. V***v

      All good. Batteries included.

    25. D***a

      Peter came in 12 days. Already fixed on the electric scooter, everything works 🙂

    26. D***t


    27. H***r

      Good seller good item

    28. A***u

      Fast delivery 19 days, tracking, everything works clearly. I recommend this store and store seller. thank you
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    29. M***m

      Excellent alarm, loud I would even say through chur loud. No one knows how to adjust the volume here?

    30. P***v

      Everything works fine.

    31. Ф***н

      I take the second time, I took it for a motor in a boat, it works fine
      no remarkno remark

    32. L***a

      I congratulate you on

    33. I***r

      looks good, the sound is loud. good product.

    34. R***a

      Got the goods within 3 weeks from China. My recomendation.

    35. C***c

      Super, ce n est pas la première fois que je commande.

    36. H***v

      Goods received

    37. F***f

      Alarm Super! Loud, compact. I bought a second set. Delivery in 15 days from the time of order.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    38. J***o

      Being well being loud beauty fast shipping days order hours days arrival ten sun took four
      Luxury real taste is not the ability to stick together
      Kick with children for Sarah

    39. O***a

      Loud and sensitive alarm. For a bicycle, it's perfect. Set it under the saddle.

    40. R***a

      Very good
      no remark

    41. P***s

      Neat before worn fast shipping

    42. V***i

      All OK
      no remarkno remark

    43. J***s

      It sounds very strong, it brings batteries from the controller and the sirema
      A 10!!

    44. R***n

      works really well. annoyingly loud which it should be.

    45. P***i

      Great product, economical and practical

    46. K***k

      Brilliant product. I placed it under bike saddle, so it is not visible. It is really annoying, laud, so I believe together with Kryptonite lock my bike will be not stolen. I need to find out if it is possible to adjust sensitivity and volume, but it's not important at all. I wish I had it on my previous bike which was stolen.

    47. M***s

      All as described
      no remark

    48. M***a

      Everything went Great and this works well, thanks a lot seller!
      no remarkno remark

    49. A***h

      It works on hurray, screams so hard that I would not steal what this thing will stand on.

    50. Y***n

      Buzzing is not childish

    51. A***a

      Delivery is very fast. Signal with batteries, squeaks loudly. Thank you seller. Recommend.
      no remark

    52. A***o

      And need

    53. A***s

      Loud, looks reliable, beautiful remote control. However, under my saddle led did not fit, we need to think where to attach it.

    54. G***r

      Extremely loud!

    55. M***s

      Good alarm, friendly seller 5⭐

    56. T***i

      Alarm very loud, working well

    57. M***m

      The parcel was short, packed well, works perfectly. Recommend. I took it for a boat engine.

    58. M***r

      i love it

    59. P***r

      reasonable price
      no remarkno remark

    60. A***v


    61. O***v

      Everything works fine, happy as an elephant

    62. A***v

      Excellent signals, everything is in the kit, orytetno. Thank you, I recommend…
      no remark

    63. 9***r

      работает отлично!

    64. U***r

      Loud, the second keychain tied easily. Batteries included. The only negative, inside the ring is something similar to the spring, it's heard when you go on the tile.

    65. B***b

      Не ожидал, отличная сигнализация!

    66. F***v

      Great alarm. Good seller.

    67. B***k


    68. G***r

      배송빠르고 소리도 크고좋아요

    69. A***F


    70. E***l


    71. A***r

      Thank you for fast shipping. It's appears to be of high quality
      Sound as should be.
      loud and sharp recommend it
      But the remote control has not far range , it is within 8 meters
      no remark

    72. C***r

      The business top four key super curve years invertor data sheet inside fits four yo ~

    73. 5***r

      It came quickly. Good thing, screaming loudly. The Mount only leaves much to be desired, the bolt at least what it was invented. Clamps quickly cut and ready.

    74. J***t

      Quality item, easy to use and efficient. The manual is correct in English. It is an interesting safety in addition to a good anti-theft to deter bike theft.
      no remark

    75. M***m

      I recommend a set of multiple batteries in a set of 3 pcs of batteries.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    76. A***v

      Everything Super came all in the configuration as well as ordered everything works for the seller huge thank you goods good and quality
      no remarkno remark

    77. A***r


    78. V***V

      All received, only a separate control panel does not work! !! But in the set (in the box) the remote works. How now to be, maybe the codes are not the same with the alarm?!!!
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    79. E***s


    80. B***r

      Super Qualität, super Preis. schnelle Lieferung

    81. C***n

      The price is good for the quality of the product. Only the second command is not capable of matching the team, it looks complicated. It is a recommended product for your purchase. I installed it in a car and it works well.

    82. M***n

      Hey look fine problem I hardens turn on the device

    83. R***r

      Everything works, at home turned on so almost glowy! Thank you seller!
      no remark

    84. T***t

      Everything corresponds to the description, works well and loudly. I recommend

    85. A***h

      It came quickly, everything works.

    86. S***o

      All perfect arrived in Italy in a 20na days.

    87. F***z

      Frankly good product sounds very strong, ordered shipped and received very soon

    88. J***a


    89. P***k

      ok,,, please where can i find a video how to encode the driver?

    90. M***s

      Have now ordered a few alarms for myself and the neighbors. Great alarm and really loud. Thanks for the fast shipping just top

    91. L***r


    92. 구***동

      Okey. works well even being sound size also make you satisfied

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