With High Beam Low Beam, Day-travel Steering LED Lights, Off-road Headlights


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    Product information:

    Material: Die-cast aluminum alloy

    Light source power: 30 (W)

    Voltage: 12-24 (V)

    Current: 2.5 (A)

    Shade type: PC

    Applicable models: jeep truck

    Protection level: IP67

    Luminous flux: 4000lm/2400lm

    Light source: LED

    Service life: 30000 hours

    Part Number: HS-1730S

    Applicable model: jeep truck

    Supporting relationship: original factory

    Applicable car brand: jeep truck

    Applicable model year: General

    Applicable model gearbox type: MT/manual

    Is it an assembly: No


    Super energy saving: 60% lower than usual energy consumption (low energy consumption means low fuel consumption)

    High brightness: brightness is 3 times that of halogen lamps

    Long life: Advanced LED exceeds ordinary bulbs, and the life span is more than 30,000 hours

    Aluminum alloy shell, better shockproof and waterproof function.

    Light perception: The light is softer to prevent glare.

    Waterproof and anti-corrosion: It can be used in heavy rain or harsh environments.

    Wide operating voltage range: it can be applied in different types of vehicles

    Uses: work lights, headlights, reversing lights, brake lights, auxiliary lights, fog lights, lighting lights, etc.

    Applicable models: off-road vehicles, modified vehicles. Harley motorcycles

    Packing list:


    Weight 0.40 kg
    Dimensions 200 × 140 × 100 cm



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