12V6A Motorcycle Car Battery Charger


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    Microprocessor Control (CPU).


    2. This is a fully automatic battery charger with 3 charge stages.

    3. Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged. So you can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely.

    4. 3-stage chargers are suitable for most battery types including Calcium, Gel and AGM, Wet batteries. They may also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.

    5. Types of batteries: Most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, GEL and AGM, Wet,EFB, etc..


    Switchmode technology: Yes

    Polarity protection: Yes

    Output short protection: Yes

    Non battery link protection: Yes

    Over voltage protection: Yes

    Over temperature protection: Yes

    Cooling: Fan


    Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

    Rated output: 12V DC, 5-6A Max.

    Leaststart voltage: 8.0V

    Battery range: 4-100Ah

    Thermal protect: 65\’C+/-5\’C

    Efficiency: App. 85%.

    Compliant standards: CB,CE, IEC60335, EN61000, EN55014

    Dimension (L×W×H): 150×85×60mm


    This Charger is for battery capacity between 4AH to 100AH

    Pls check the capacity (AH) of your battery before buying the charger! Thanks!

    Package Included:

    1 X 12V 6A LCD Battery Charger

    Product Image

    Weight 0.46 kg
    Dimensions 170 × 105 × 80 cm



    US, EU, UK, AU

    99 reviews for 12V6A Motorcycle Car Battery Charger

    1. M***m

      Quickly came and everything works

    2. V***v

      первый зарядила отлично, продуманная зарядка

    3. R***r

      Good thing. Brought in half a day an old 10-year-old battery from Nissan.

      And in a couple of hours, without removing from the car, recharged the battery on Toyota.

    4. V***v

      Thank you! it's okay!

    5. S***r

      Thank you, the goods came quickly.

    6. A***x

      Everything works, while I like everything

    7. M***v

      Layout in English, and so it is clear that and how.

    8. R***r

      пришло быстро, в работе пока не проверял

    9. 6***r

      Seller Thank you! The goods are delivered quickly, packed well.

    10. I***o

      Всё Ок
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    11. P***v

      Everything is fine!

    12. A***n

      I did not try to charge, but when connected to the battery shows the level of charge, the current strength when charging and the temperature. The cooling fan works quietly. The power cord is 60 centimeters long, about, the wire was greed. No instructions for Russian, and without it will have to break your head.
      no remark

    13. A***w

      отличная зарядка .в режиме восстановления тоже заряжает

    14. I***v

      Отправка и доставка прошла быстро, рекомендую

    15. A***v

      Very fast shipping! The charger is excellent, I take the third.

    16. O***r

      Got it, haven't checked yet

    17. R***r

      It came very quickly, it works.

    18. I***v

      Delivery 3 days. Seller Thank you!

    19. E***a


    20. M***v

      Вроде работает.

    21. A***v

      Пока измерил выходное напряжение без нагрузки. Все работает.
      Проверю на АКБ, и отпишусь, если что-то не так.
      Достаточно подробная инструкция на английском. Это хорошо, но можно было бы добавить 2-3 страницы с русским.

    22. V***o

      Excellent charger, I take the second one already. The first one, this friend. sending on the day of purchase, fast delivery 5post, receiving in the store Pyaterochka ChKa ChKa ChKa
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    23. A***y

      I like it) cool device. For a long time I wanted to buy.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    24. A***n

      All OK works not the first time I already take such a charger, it's completely automatic

    25. S***s

      It came quickly. Track tracked. The device itself is light, compact and neat, almost does not make noise. Immediately put the battery on the charge in the usual mode. I'll see how it goes-I'll write off additional.

    26. K***t

      Fast shipment. Good price. Recommend
      no remarkno remark

    27. N***V

      Хорошее зарядное, доставка вообще очень быстрая. Спасибо продавцу.

    28. R***n

      Delivery to the point of issue 6 days. The item was shipped literally 15 minutes after the order. Packed in branded box and normal package. Instructions for Russian No. The device works, but did not check under load. To seller Thank you very much!
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    29. И***н

      Thank you

    30. D***y

      Delivery is a little late.
      In the markup, stuck, turns on. Charge Akum until I tried. I recommend to buy.
      no remark

    31. I***V

      Ordered 06.08.2021
      Received 12.09.2021
      Shipping to door
      Thank you

    32. F***v

      Everything is fine!!! thank you!!!
      no remarkno remark

    33. S***a

      Отличное зарядное заказываю третий раз даже в Норильск доставка быстрая 12 дней.

    34. K***v

      In general, it charges well, automatic mode is observed.
      I already charged two batteries of 60 A. Recommend. Price-quality acceptable.

    35. O***V

      Delivered in 10 days! Courier to home! Frankly-the charger liked good mites, good performance, it feels like not a dummy! Compact switches clearly! By the way, without even touching the button itself .. In general, I advise.

    36. A***v

      Delivery before the declared time by courier to the house. Charging is compact, charges quickly.

    37. I***n

      Все отлично. Рекомендую.

    38. 1***r

      The charger came quickly.

    39. O***v

      зарядка крутая, приехала быстро, с курьером
      no remark

    40. O***r

      все пришло в срок товаром доволен рекомендую

    41. A***v

      Works well

    42. O***V


    43. E***n

      Came with St. Petersburg quickly, a few days, took in five. The charger works, there are no questions

    44. G***h

      Пришло быстро. Включал в сеть, работает. Заряжать ещё не пробовал.

    45. S***v

      Good automatic charging, with its task copes, came super fast!

    46. G***g

      Everything works quickly advise
      no remark

    47. V***v

      Five stars only for the speed of delivery. With the charger did not immediately understand, but it charges something there… Two batteries could not be cured, but in such situations they always blame on dead batteries… I bought it, let it be. Don't put any special hopes on him. Instructions for Russian No. If the battery is very low, it can not do anything with it. You need a small residual voltage on the battery, what exactly-I do not know…

    48. V***v

      Delivery in 4 days from the warehouse from Russia. Delivery service Pyaterochka (5post). The box is whole, charging too. The device works adequately. This charge is mainly for auto batteries, as the minimum starting current is 4A. The manufacturer recommends that the batteries be charged in the "recovery" mode, but even in it the battery for 7 AH very quickly begins to boil. Who needs a universal charger-look with a minimum current of 0.5 A-1A.

    49. R***s

      Thanks satisfied!!!

    50. L***a

      It came quickly, by courier, everything works fine as described))). Many thanks to the seller!))

    51. A***.


    52. D***n

      Excellent goods, for this money. Packed well came for 3 days. Everything corresponds to the description. Seller recommend.

    53. S***k

      Like charge 830 rubles bought
      no remark

    54. N***y

      Until I connected to the battery, from the network works, thanks to the seller!
      no remark

    55. D***v

      Быстрая доставка! 15.09 заказал и 20.09 получил. Ростовская область. С продавцом не общался.

    56. C***m

      It came very quickly!!!! I'm trying. In principle, it works, as it will charge us. Put a dead battery, if it charges, exactly class! Motik charged in an hour. Turns well after charging.
      no remark

    57. A***v

      Good thing, everything shows. Battery charged. Looks good.

    58. G***n

      I haven't tried it yet.

    59. J***a

      Well I come fast and it works perfect

    60. E***v

      It came quickly. Works. Thank you seller!

    61. Z***e

      It came very quickly, checked it works, charges!

    62. A***o

      Delivery by courier quality fire

    63. S***n


    64. 0***r

      Awesome charger for your money. This seller bought three pieces and all work properly

    65. V***n

      no remark

    66. R***r

      I liked the device

    67. E***o

      Corresponds to the declared characteristics. Came express delivery in eight days. The seller is sociable. Thank you for the goods.

    68. V***v

      The charger is smart, made not bad-in the factory, not in the basement. The display is dirty a little, but work and perception does not interfere. Came in a week.

    69. B***V

      He arrived quickly, everything works. suspiciously quickly charges, after an hour the current fell to 1 amp, the wires are short. shows for example, current and temperature.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    70. V***v

      Still did not charge the battery, came quickly, the box was torn, but the charger is whole, I recommend.
      no remark

    71. D***O

      Доставка 4 дня!!! Работает исправно.
      При вкл PUL 15.4v с плавающим током от 0.3 до 0.8.
      При обычной зарядке (Автомат) ток 5.8А и и падает до 1А при достижение 13.9v. как то так
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    72. M***r

      Norms quality, recharged a new battery, shows the percentage of the charge.
      no remark

    73. S***n

      проверил, работает, аккумы заряжает.

    74. M***v


    75. V***v

      Thank you very much! Very quickly and today I will pay for one more product. Good luck and health

    76. N***n

      Charging is good, everything works, there are no instructions for Russian. Delivered to another area of Peter, for 40 km, but this is the fault of the 5post delivery service, and they have a redirect on the site, but it is disabled. And the seller did well, sent the next day the order!

    77. M***v

      Good seller, Good Goods, very fast delivery-5 days!

    78. G***r

      Shipping was slow but Okey

    79. V***v

      Спасибо, все хорошо! Зарядное исправно,проверил на двух разной емкости батареях!

    80. O***r

      The charger came.
      Packed well, whole, works.
      The fan works quietly.
      Seller recommend.

    81. Z***a

      It came very quickly. The whole thing. I'll check in later.

    82. A***s

      Отличный прибор, я очень доволен, проверил его как на мультиметре, так и в деле, на зарядке нескольких аккумуляторов, 60й, 80й,120й, прибор хорошо себя показал. В Украину дошло за 2 недели, трек отслеживался автоматически в приложение.
      no remark

    83. W***n

      Charger class for these ₽, another question how long will it last?

    84. M***f

      For those who have entered the adepts of magic soda or the breakdown of sulfates with discylated water, boiling at 16,5 volts past, and simply charging the battery.

    85. A***a

      Got it until I checked, like everything works.

    86. 2***r

      посылку получил. заказывал на 5а, полностью разряженный Акум 60амч зарядил за 10 часов. не греется, вентелятор работает тихо.

    87. R***v

      Thank you came all the whole well packed.
      All is well

    88. R***v

      все норм ,работает

    89. P***k

      Satisfied with the goods, works normally. Shipping fast.

    90. 3***r

      Пришла посылка быстро. Подключил к новому АКБ – процесс зарядки идёт нормально.

    91. A***v

      Everything works. It came quickly to Siberia
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    92. K***t

      good charger recommend

    93. Z***t

      All ex
      It works fine.

    94. A***y

      Everything came quickly, everything matches

    95. E***a

      It came in 5 days. I brought a courier. Works. Liked it

    96. A***v

      The order came within a week, everything works, the battery charged, I recommend to buy.

    97. D***v

      I haven't checked yet.

    98. V***n

      From the network works, brought by The Courier, not yet checked, the screen burns

    99. A***v

      Thank you all cool

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