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    100% Original Ancel BST100 Car Battery Tester Multi Languages 12V AGM GEL Cell 100-1100CCA 30-100Ah Battery System Detect Automotive Diagnostic Tool

    ANCEL BST100 Function

    1.Identify battery status Good or Replace

     2.Check Battery Capacity – Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating.

     3.Check Internal resistance value (Ohm) 

    4.Display battery life in percentage (%) 

    5.Battery Cranking Test, load test 

    6.Battery Charging Test, Ripple Test 

    7.Support battery ripple test and review test data 

    Weight 0.40 kg
    Dimensions 300 × 200 × 40 cm


    100 reviews for Automobile battery tester

    1. B***o

      Object as per specifications, very useful.
      no remark

    2. P***h


    3. M***v

      I have tested it on 7 batteries and results seems realistic. Thank you!
      no remark

    4. S***h

      Came in six days. Just like in the description. Works as expected.

    5. R***r

      An excellent device, a simple menu, tried to work checked 4 _ E battery, the state determined, as far as I do not know, but the killed showed, the degree of fitness and charge too, including on traction, delivery of 6 days, mail, very useful when buying a new battery, if there is nothing in the store or do not want to check with the fork. to the seller Thank you, I recommend the goods and the store definitely, I will check on the car.
      no remark

    6. V***v

      I'll start the review with the sending! Ordered for 11.11, came 18.11 to Kaliningrad. The courier brought right to the house. Now about the device! I knew in advance that in my car the battery was dying, the check confirmed my fears. The client has a good battery, which actually showed diagnostics, the device itself does not deliver any special problems in use, even the child will deal with it. I only checked for lead ACB. I will go to AGM, I will test, I will unsubscribe)
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    7. Y***v

      Got it, checked it, sweatered it. That's what it said. Russian language is so curve that English seems native))))). Or russkgo programmer ask to do, or don't fool Chinese friends over the great and mighty Russian language and leave English.

    8. A***h

      Brand new. Working. Description is correct.

    9. O***r

      Envoi très rapide

    10. L***n

      Try the tester and it turns out to be easy and simple, very practical, sheds values and data from the state of the battery, in several languages, functioned perfect, economical and functional, to give a touch of professionalism to diagnostics, senri the very light tester, maybe a little fragile, Peeo take into account your low cost in comparison with others in the market, I recommend it!
      no remarkno remark

    11. A***a

      Fast Delivery

    12. A***Z

      Great, everything works, fast delivery

    13. H***v

      Works fine
      no remarkno remark

    14. J***a

      All as the announcement indicates, I regret to have to report that I will not buy from ALIEXPRESS, there is no way to contact and when a store sends unserviceable broken product it does not return you Money and can't do anything just lose money, it is better to buy on AMAZON them if r is ponden and PAYPAL is also a secure platform, but ALIEXPR is S I will not buy more

    15. A***v

      Interesting tester, working, measured voltage checked by voltmeter, all the same is accurate enough, good functionality and quality assembly, very fast delivery to the Post Office, one battery already checked, her condition was better than I thought of her.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    16. 4***r

      I am very pleased! Delivery 6 days taking into account the day of sales. The goods are correct!!!

    17. G***s

      Everything is fine

    18. G***a

      Item work all good

    19. F***d

      very nice …god

    20. G***o


    21. G***v

      I'm very satisfied

    22. J***h


    23. A***v

      Everything works well

    24. S***v

      Is working

    25. V***v

      The device works, the result is similar to the truth. There is no possibility to check the correctness.

    26. A***v

      Something shows. We need to check.

    27. R***y

      Hello received and very very satisfied, it works nickel, I highly recommend you as a seller +++++ thank you again

    28. M***o

      Seller excellent made already test good
      no remark

    29. A***o

      The tester arrived in 10 days. Tested, works as in the description. The quality of the case, the wires are excellent.

    30. A***z

      Super!!!! Very fast!

    31. M***s

      Very good instrument

    32. V***v

      Delivery is very fast. The tester is not bad for such money Russian translation is no easier to use English. Seller recommend.

    33. A***o

      All ok

    34. D***i

      good product

    35. J***e

      Thank You for fast shipping! This is everything I wanted!

    36. M***v

      Everything is super! Seller sent the parcel
      Quickly delivery imldo home. Corresponds to the description. Immediately checked,
      The battery is actually dead, the device does not lie. Super!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    37. A***h

      The device came without damage, the device works well for everyone is satisfied with many thanks to the seller, anyone who wants to buy this product I recommend this seller.

    38. K***i

      works as expected.

    39. O***s

      Quality assembly, good functionality, fast shipment and delivery recommend

    40. R***m

      I use it at the moment works perfectly thank you to the seller
      no remark

    41. G***n

      All perfect seller very e

    42. V***v

      no remark

    43. P***k


    44. I***r

      Ukraine: the order received very quickly, everything is good, the product is packed qualitatively, has not yet been tested in work.
      Seller recommend.
      Ukraine. I received the order very quickly, everything is fine, the product is packed with high quality, I have not tested it yet.
      I recommend the seller…
      no remarkno remark

    45. I***v

      Fast delivery, good packing, excellent device.

    46. A***r

      Fast shipping in 7 days in Spain, highly recommended seller, and the product with very value for money, very happy with purchase.

    47. K***g

      Works perfectly on new and dead battery. Good item and good service. Received quite fast.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    48. A***v

      Works. Wires are soft, crocodile quality. Recommend.

    49. Z***r

      Item as described.

    50. G***s

      super ok.

    51. M***e

      no remarkno remarkno remark

    52. G***k

      Nagyon jól teszi a dolgát.

    53. D***n


    54. R***i

      Received item as described. Not tested yet

    55. L***a

      Shipping fast. Looks expensive. Couldn't check yet. Battery needed.

    56. T***h

      Item received, good condition

    57. K***n

      All Good

    58. S***v

      I hope that does not lie in the testimony! Thank you seller!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    59. D***v

      Delivered in a few days (from the Russian Federation), everything as in the description, the device works, its functions are performed.

    60. H***a

      so good!!
      no remark

    61. D***y


    62. R***a

      The order was made on 12-Nov-2020 and I got the 24-Nov-2020.
      It's the fastest order I 've ever received, 12 days late to arrive here in Mexico, CDMX.
      Excellent delivery time.
      I still don't prove it.
      But soon I highly recommend the seller and the product.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    63. F***E

      Works well fast shipping very good seller

    64. M***a

      I haven't tried it yet, it matches the description, it looks strong, it has instructions in English, it took 14 days to arrive in Spain, and I asked for 11/11 therefore perfect, it came very well packed as seen in the pictures.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    65. D***e

      Très bien
      no remarkno remark

    66. A***h

      It came quickly. It is better to choose English (more convenient menu)

    67. A***r

      All the norms, came to Tver in 3 days.
      The tester is good, the only one, the Russian language is krivovat, but you can get used to it.

    68. D***o

      An excellent tester for ACB, changes the starting current, the charge of ACB, the remaining resource and internal soprivization, now you can remove bad batteries in time.

    69. I***v

      Everything came, it works.

    70. R***v

      Delivery to Moscow three!!! I haven't tried it yet.

    71. Y***t

      Perfect, fast delivery

    72. J***n

      fast shipping excellent product but haven't tested it yet. i had one prior to this, excellent product. so i bought 3 more for each of my son's.

    73. S***x

      Works very well

    74. J***s

      Well done. Tks.

    75. C***r

      Ok. perfect

    76. D***r

      All OK works as the description

    77. L***

      Excellent arrived before scheduled time and in perfect condition.

    78. F***d

      Conform to the description

    79. V***v


    80. A***n

      The goods to Bashkiria reached very quickly in just 3 days. Looks like it's OK in the case until I checked. Seller recommend.

    81. E***n

      Came the parcel for 4-5 days to RB IML home delivery, testitis really good thing checked 10 pieces of AKB, from functions: test AKB, rotation test, charging test, viewing the result, selecting the language well and choosing the type of battery and amperage. Want to take if you can come in handy
      no remarkno remark

    82. P***r

      Attached works. Travel zniósł well. Even zdało would it compare with another device
      no remark

    83. S***v

      Delivery to Nizhny Novgorod in 2 days. Packed in a box, the device is gripped comfortable. The wires are soft, the crocodiles are tight. In fact, such a device is rarely needed, but metko. I wanted to change AKB-badly started AKB after a month of downtime in the frost. But the device showed that my AKB has a wear of 15% on warm and 20% on cold, resistance 5.07 Milli OM (which is very not bad) T. E. In fact, the AKB was not a berth,-you need to look for a leak. And without him, he would have already been in charge of the new AKB. And even in the store with it you can measure from the showcase AKB, and choose the best not by the price tag or brand but by the indications of the device. In general, I advise men.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    84. M***s

      Very good products, recommend!

    85. A***h

      Good housing material, soft wires. Works correctly (the ACB has calculated from the first time)

    86. R***r

      Goods Received thank you seller.

    87. E***v

      Its functions perform, works only when connected to the battery.
      no remark

    88. A***k

      Very quality product. I recommend.

    89. S***y

      Fast delivery, good packing.

    90. I***v

      Fast delivery. Excellent Tester.

    91. A***o

      Arrived in 2 weeks by courier. I can't say how accurate the evidence is, but it's not possible to get up on this data on all 100 either. It is approximately possible to estimate the condition of the battery. Measures the internal resistance by which you can judge about AKB. The same functions as those of more expensive models, I do not see any more sense. On the photo test my AKB tubor standard 60 after six months of operation from spring to autumn.
      no remark

    92. S***v

      Got fast until I read the numbers, but on my 72 amp hour battery and 750 amp starting current, the device showed 780 amp, I will understand how and what it measures, because the battery I have half-dead, and the device said that it is good.

    93. R***r

      For these Mani fire

    94. A***z

      The Russian language in the device is so… that it is better to leave English. For some reason, the nominal capacity is not entered, such as in Conway 600. How does it determine the residual resource? Everything is very empirical… Although for such a small price cool and to some extent useful device.

    95. R***i

      ALL OK.

    96. V***r

      The tester came in less than a week. I tried on the akamulator. All the declared parameters are issued. the device is very easy to use. the quality of the tester itself is not bad. The seller's work is satisfied, I recommend.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    97. N***v

      Very grateful… amazing…

    98. T***s

      Super fast shipping to LT thanks!

    99. A***v

      All OK. Works. Voltage measures exactly. Tested on a battery that is about a year old. Showed 92%.

    100. G***i

      It came 3 days before St. Petersburg. useful device.

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