Bluetooth car detector


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    Type: car fault diagnostics

    Voltage: 9~16(V)

    Working temperature: -40~85(°C)

    Brand: OEM

    Applicable models: General

    Color classification: no switch models with switch models

    Product size: 43mm*25mm*23mm


    Note 1: ELM327 is a detector that detects the condition of the engine according to the computer communication protocol. The protocol support can detect it. There is no comprehensive list of available models. It can only detect the engine system, clear the code, read the data stream and other functions!

    Note 2: Not all models can read the fuel consumption data normally. Due to different models, some models may not be able to read the fuel consumption data. Please know! Do not use the car to read the fuel consumption information as a reason for return!

    Note 3: The function is simple, the car professional repair factory carefully shot! Be careful! If you are not sure if the model can be used, be careful!

    Elm327 driving computer car fault monitor

    Support all international OBD-II standard vehicles.

    ● Most of domestic and joint-venture vehicles after July 2007 and later support OBDII;

    ●Before 07 years ago, the domestically produced models were basically unusable without OBDII;

    ●The joint venture car has supported the OBDII standard before 07;

    07 years ago, the joint venture car is strongly recommended to ask for customer support before the shoot. Do not buy domestic brand cars 07 years ago!

    [03 years ago, all models can not be used, 07 years ago, the model was not contacted by customer service, because the model does not support purchase]

    Again: (Car owners, pay attention, this ELM327 series products, not omnipotent (that is, not all cars can be used)

    Especially for cars that were 07 years ago, the product must be supported by the car ECU protocol.

    If the buyer is not sure if his car can be used, please be careful! ! !

    Weight 0.05 kg
    Dimensions 150 × 100 × 100 cm

    Black no switch, Black with switch


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