Car emergency start power


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    Emergency start up power supply for automobile emergency power supply car emergency starter vehicle emergency power supply.

    If you are in trouble of facing unpredicted car broken, this supply will help u to fix one or two problem to inite the car.


    see the pic below.

    20000 MAH accessories box

    Dimensions: L168*W79*H33mm (specific to the actual product)

    Battery capacity: 69800mAh

    Output port voltage value

    Car start port: 12V

    USB port: 5V

    Notebook port: 16V/19V

    Car item port: 12V

    Output port current and power

    12V/DC socket output current: 2A

    16V/19V/DC socket output current: 3.5A

    USB output current: 2.1A

    Charging input voltage and current: 15V/1A

    Starting current: 200A

    Peak current: 400A (<3S)

    Full charge time: about 3 hours

    Cycle life: more than 3000 times

    Operating temperature: -10 to 85 degrees Celsius

    Weight 1.00 kg
    Dimensions 230 × 300 × 30 cm

    EU20000mah, 20000mah, EU69800mah, 69800mah


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