Car mobile phone non-slip mat


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    SD-1920D Large single card

    SD-1920  Small single card

  • SD-1920E Large double card

  • [Product name]: PU storage box (non-slip pad)

    [Product color]: black

    【Product Size】:

    SD-1029 Size: 155 * 100 * 20mm 200pcs / CTN 48 * 46 * 35cm Unit weight: about 100g

    SD-1029D Size: 174 * 113 * 23mm 100pcs / CTN 42 * 39 * 27.5cm Product weight: about 110g

    SD-1029E Size: 186 * 112 * 20mm 100pcs / CTN 61 * 40 * 28cm Unit weight: about 110g

    [Product material]: PVC

    【product description】:

    1.Can store mobile phones and small objects

    2, can be placed in the car dashboard

    3. When you are driving, you can fix the phone vertically in the non-slip mat for easy viewing of the map. When placed vertically, you can easily touch the phone screen.

    4. The non-slip mat can be washed clean with water.

    5. It is both a non-slip mat and an ornament.


    For safety reasons, the following places are not suitable for installation

    1. Where the airbag is prevented from working

    2, manual gear, automatic gear

    3.Foot soles

    4. Places affecting sight

    5.Places easy for children to touch

    Weight 0.08 kg
    Dimensions 200 × 150 × 40 cm

    SD 1029, SD 1029D, SD 1029E


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