Car MP5 player


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    Manufacturers supply 7-inch screen car MP5, car MP5 player

    ★. 7-inch screen resolution can reach 720P, can support some 1080P

    ★. SD/MMC card, USB media MP3 playback function

    ★. Support MP5, RM, RMVB, MP3/WMA and other movie playback, support picture browsing

    ★. 7388 ultra-high power, maximum power output 45W*4 channel; with circuit protection function

    ★. Colorful lights can be changed at will

    ★. Full-featured digital buttons, radio can be digitally stored

    ★. With 2 video and audio output and AUX IN audio input function

    ★. FM electronic tuning radio function, support power off memory

    ★. Choose classical music, rock music, flat music, modern music

    ★. Built-in radio FM tuner, manually pre-store 18 stations, automatic search and store function

    ★. EQ sound control, stereo, left channel, right channel selection

    ★. RCA front line output

    ★. Full-featured infrared remote control

    ★. Automatic antenna

    ★. Large and bright LCD display

    ★. Mute/equal loudness/clock function

    ★. Working voltage: DC12V,





    Weight 0.88 kg
    Dimensions 220 × 130 × 160 cm



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