Car Pillow Four Seasons Memory Foam


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    Product information:

    Pattern: heart-shaped

    Color: Black love-headrest, black love-headrest pair, black love-lumbar support pillow, black love-headrest lumbar support pillow, gray with heart-headrest, gray with heart-headrest pair, gray with heart-lumbar support pillow, gray with heart-headrest lumbar support pillow, pink love-headrest, pink love-headrest pair, pink Love-lumbar support pillow, pink love-headrest lumbar support pillow, Green Heart-headrest, Green Heart-headrest pair, Green Heart-lumbar support pillow, green Heart-headrest lumbar support pillow, Milky White love-headrest, Milky White love-headrest pair, Milky White love-lumbar support pillow, Milky White love-headrest lumbar support pillow

    External Material: all Cotton

    Filler: synthetic fiber

    Packing list:

    Headrest * 1, lumbar support * 1

    Product Image:

    Weight 0.28 kg
    Dimensions 200 × 260 × 30 cm

    Black Headrest, Black Lumbar Support Pillow, Black Suit, Gray Headrest, Gray Lumbar Support Pillow, Gray Suit, Pink Headrest, Pink Lumbar Support Pillow, Pink Suit, Green Headrest, Green Lumbar Support Pillow, Green Suit, Off White Headrest, Off White Set


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