Car vacuum cleaner


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    1. Streamlined design, multi-purpose for one machine, endless use with the car.

    2. The cordless cordless design allows you to do whatever you want.

    3. The product has great suction power, a detachable dust storage box, and a duck nozzle suction pipe is used to remove dust and dirt from the angles and gaps in the car.

    4. This product has the good quality you expect.

    5. It can be widely used for dust removal of seat sofas such as cars and cruise ships. Let you have a healthy and comfortable space. Whether it is in the car, at home or in the office, it has got rid of the restriction of the traditional vacuum cleaner’s power supply, free to vacuum, and where to go to where to suck. Multi-layer filtration, complete vacuuming.

    7. The rechargeable battery can be recycled, and it can work for 30-40 minutes after being fully charged (about 8 hours), which is convenient for energy saving and environmental protection

    Weight 1.08 kg
    Dimensions 370 × 160 × 70 cm

    Orange, Yellow


    220V US


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