Car wheel repair agent


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    Easy resistant to 130C.

    Added value-vibration, resistant to car wash.

    Repair Kit contains complete accessories, allows you to repair damage and scratches in 30 minutes

    Alloy wheel repair kit works on edge damage, scratches, slight dents, installation damage, sanding marks and other wheel damage

    Permanent repair

    Easy maintenance

    Product instructions:

    1. Preparation: Clean the damaged alloy wheel with an alcohol prep pad and remove the rough and uneven edges around the damaged area.

    2. confirm the repair area. If it is slightly damaged, use wet sandpaper to match the contours to the repaired surface, and the lacquer repair area with silver alloy.

    3. if the damage area is large or with teeth. Then use the repair adhesive: press the necessary repair adhesive onto a carpet. Mix 2 components to a constant mass of gray with the spatula provided. (Finish the mix within2-4mins)

    4. Repair: Fill the mixed adhesive to overflow the damaged area. let it dry for 15mins.

    5. Adapt contours: Use wet sandpaper to match the contours to the repaired surface. If necessary, repeat steps 3 and 4.

    6. lacquering: clean the repair area and apply a thin layer of lacquer with a brush. The skin time of the lacquer should be at least 12 hours before thecar use, and the complete treatment will take 3 days.

    Package Included:

    1×6 ml repair glue

    1 x silver gray paint 5 ml (vibration resistant)

    1 × Sanding file

    2 x Gloves

    2 x Cotton swabs

    2 x Brush

    2 x alcohol preparation pads

    2 x Plastic spatula

    1 x User Manual

    Weight 0.15 kg
    Dimensions 200 × 200 × 100 cm



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