Flashing Sound And Light Buzzer


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    Product information:

    Application Scope; Secondary distribution

    Unit weight; 0.03kg

    Product Name; LED flashing buzzer

    Product Model: AD16-22SM

    Rated current: 20mA

    Optional voltage: AC/DC12V 24V 220V

    Installation aperture: 22mm

    Product Certification: 3C certification

    Color: red, green and yellow

    Specification: 10 PCs/box

    Insulation Resistance: ≥ 2MQ

    Luminous Type; LED light source

    Brightness: ≥ 100cd/m

    Packing list:

    Sound and light buzzer X1PCS

    Product Image:

    Weight 0.02 kg
    Dimensions 77 × 40 × 40 cm
    Signal Type

    Intermittent Sound

    Product Type

    ACDC Universal, Passive Type


    Red ACDC220V Ordinary Model, Green ACDC220V Ordinary, Yellow ACDC220V Ordinary, Red ACDC24V Ordinary, Green ACDC24V Ordinary Models, Yellow ACDC24V Ordinary Model, Red ACDC12V Ordinary Models, Green ACDC12V Ordinary, Yellow ACDC12V Ordinary, Upgrade White Red ACDC220V, Upgrade White Green ACDC220V, Upgrade White Red ACDC24V, Upgrade White Green ACDC24V, 16mm Red AC220V, 16mm Red DC24V, 16mm Green AC220V, 16mm Green DC24V


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