Leather repair cream


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    1. Complementary refurbishment for leather and car seat surfaces

    2. After the complementary color, like the new one, it is not easy to fade and last.

    The same goes for leather garments such as furniture, shoes or wallets.

    4. The operation is simple and practical, non-toxic and non-polluting.


    Car seat leather refurbishment, complementary colors (shoes, wallets, sofas, leather also apply)


    Package list:

    1 * complementary color paste

    Weight 0.30 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm

    Beige 4pcs, Beige 8pcs, Beige 12pcs, Beige brown 4pcs, Beige brown 8pcs, Beige brown 12pcs, Black 4pcs, Black 8pcs, Black 12pcs, Brown 4pcs, Brown 8pcs, Brown 12pcs, Claret 4pcs, Claret 8pcs, Claret 12pcs, Dark brown 4pcs, Dark brown 8pcs, Dark brown 12pcs, Davy biue 4pcs, Davy biue 8pcs, Davy biue 12pcs, Fruit green 4pcs, Fruit green 8pcs, Fruit green 12pcs, Grey 4pcs, Grey 8pcs, Grey 12pcs, Light brown 4pcs, Light brown 8pcs, Light brown 12pcs, Red 4pcs, Red 8pcs, Red 12pcs, Repair cream 4pcs, Repair cream 8pcs, Repair cream 12pcs, Rice white 4pcs, Rice white 8pcs, Rice white 12pcs, White 4pcs, White 8pcs, White 12pcs, Black, Grey, Fruit green, Repair cream, Rice white, Red, Claret, Light brown, Beige brown, White, Brown, Davy biue, Dark brown, Beige

    29 reviews for Leather repair cream

    1. O***r

      5 stars, for a refund, but needed paint for the salon.

    2. K***a

      Excellent Product
      no remark

    3. A***r

      To tried

    4. Z***c

      never arrived

    5. C***C


    6. D***c

      no remark

    7. R***e

      great product

    8. J***r

      long long time arrived today

    9. F***a

      Pas reçu

    10. D***n

      The product has been damaged, please send it back
      no remarkno remark

    11. A***i

      So soft that I also use it to cream my face. My skin is much fresher now

    12. A***i

      So great and soft and magic!!

    13. A***B

      I ordered gray, I received black.

    14. C***n

      very happy with product.

    15. N***v

      Жижа норм. Но чтобы качественно вышло – нужно тренироваться. Щели в потрескавшемся водительском сиденье заполнило и немного стянуло, но при высыхании – скукоживается и усыхает сильно, монолита не получилось, хотя наносил в два слоя. Попробую ещё слоев нашпилить, может и выйдет подобие монолита

    16. A***v

      Норм, пришло в комплекте с перчатками , губкой, кисточкой мелочь но приятно. Краска легла хорошо. Посмотрим как будет держать Продавца рекомендую.

    17. E***o

      хз, еще не пробовал

    18. M***h


    19. M***s

      Product works fine. Maybee seller can insert some instructions how to use product properly.

    20. A***v

      Спасибо! Оригинальный товар!

    21. R***k


    22. O***s

      краска хорошо наноситься,быстро высыхает с хорошей укрываемостью .

    23. K***i

      Conforme à la description. Y a plus qu'à tester.

    24. D***k

      Thank you.

    25. G***i


    26. H***s

      nice product.

    27. A***j

      Great Seller. Great repair kit. Start date: 6/ 2020 expiration date 6/ 2023.
      no remark

    28. S***z

      Recommended I loved the jacket I thought I had no compose but the cream helped me a lot buy more

    29. K***o


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