One For Four Flashing Lights Controller


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    Product Information:

    Material: PC

    Power 10 (W)

    Voltage ::12 (V)

    Current :1 (A)

    Color: red, blue, yellow, white and green

    Model: Controller

    Applicable models: 12V

    Adapted model: 12V

    Supporting relationship: applicable

    Size Information:

    Product size: control box length 7.5cm, width 5cm, height 2.5cm; lampshade length 5cm, width 1cm, height 1.5cm


    Operating voltage: DC 12V

    Two groups of four circuit outputs. The maximum output power is 10W.

    3 flash methods: A flash-left and right flashes, 8 flashes in a row

    B flash-left and right flashes, single flash 1 time

    C flash-flash at the same time, flash once

    1. Voltage: 12VDC.

    2. How to use: the red wire connects to the positive pole and the black wire connects to the negative pole

    Packing List :


    Weight 0.10 kg
    Dimensions 300 × 200 × 50 cm



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