Shield driving recorder Mini HD 1080p


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    1. High list reverse, composite image

    Adopt imported lens kit, equipped with 6 glass full HD cameras, F2.0 large aperture is larger than F2.4 light input, better quality in low light environment, clearer recording;

    2. Motion detection, automatically locks moving objects

    When the recorder detects that there is an object moving towards the vehicle, the machine will automatically start recording and automatically lock the moving object;

    3. High-definition night vision, automatic fill light

    High-definition night vision, front, and rear dual-lens L.ED automatic fill light, combined with professional technology to process the final composite HDR image;

    24-hour parking monitoring, no guards, intimate guard

    Support 24-hour monitoring function, all-weather guard real-time monitoring, when the car body collides, the recorder will start the recording function;

    5. 1080P HD video 

    The original imported 2.4-inch display screen is adopted, and the resolution can reach 1080P. It can be broken while recording the display screen while driving, and the scene can be easily played back to clearly show important pictures such as forensics and identification.


    The machine does not come with a memory card


    Weight 0.60 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm

    Blue, Black


    HD, General clearing


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