Smart Car Monitor HD LCD Screen


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    Product material:

    Material: PC


    Type: Head-up display

    Applicable models: General

    Screen type: LCD

    Screen size: 68*46mm

    Appearance size: 68*73*46 (mm)

    Resolution: HD

    Compatibility: Strong

    Input signal: GPS

    Picture tube: LED

    Control method: Manual

    Power supply mode: USB power supply

    Weight 0.05 kg
    Dimensions 88 × 93 × 66 cm


    73 reviews for Smart Car Monitor HD LCD Screen

    1. J***m

      Nicer once wireless router. ㅎ
      Temperature is fit well.;;
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    2. A***n

      Thank you goods received.

    3. M***s

      Looks good, it must still be testing

    4. G***l


    5. K***n

      Ali in 3-5days received in only four.
      Genuine Ali shipping in China is the fastest equal

      Products work well, and GPS version this seems a good sound

      GPs version called the dialer and/or so Jam
      Installation is easy and time setting with letters

      Filling water as possible
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    6. V***s

      The seller sent quickly, packed well, in three boxes. In Kiev came in 25 days. Before buying, I contacted the seller, because. In the picture and in the reviews of different models of the device. The seller sent out the model that is depicted on the saver. When turned on, I found an unfortunate problem, installation of minutes-does not work! The clock is set and the minutes are not! The device lay more than half an hour, the minutes remained for 00. Purchase is not satisfied, opened a dispute for a refund!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    7. 덕***이

      Fast delivery summer

    8. D***r

      The article is as described. The seller is also very sociable.
      CONCLUSION: The article, however, needs a lot of time when you start it for the first time.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    9. M***e

      Excellent seller according to description

    10. P***r

      good product,quickly posted, thank you !!!

    11. K***n

      Glittered. Time accuracy, speedometer is tested by look'll four key
      Charging in progress.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    12. P***n

      Fast delivery

    13. Y***i

      I'm very satisfied

    14. B***a

      Good product, it works very well, it marks the speed of the car very well. The only thing I have doubt is the function of charging the device with solar energy, it goes very slow, but happy with the purchase.

    15. G***r

      Product well-received. Speed display screen brightness more darkening from low to well look long but make you satisfied.

    16. C***y


    17. G***t


    18. E***v

      Всё отлично работает. Скорость по GPS отображалась с увеличением на 4 км/ч при 100 км/ч. Сравнивал с 2-мя другими GPS-спидометрами. Корректировки возможны в сторону увеличения. Но потом пришла мысль откорректировать скорость в меньшую сторону при движении авто и получилось! Неудобно регулировать на ходу. Но возможно. Отрегулировав в -4км/ч остался доволен. Часы синхронизируются по GPS, удобно. Память настроек есть. Дисплей ярким днём читаемый. Спутники не теряет. При использовании очков с поляризацией, показания прибора видны хорошо.
      no remark

    19. M***a

      All perfect, thank you. It does its function, if not very accurate, + 4 km/h regarding a TOMTOM GPS, and in a 430 meter port marks 485 meters.

    20. A***i

      no remark

    21. Y***r


    22. S***K

      Thank you

    23. R***r

      Very satisfied with the purchased device. The goods in my opinion are even better than in the description. Clear and easily readable information. as well as charging battery from sunlight. I charged only once when installed and I do not connect it to the charge for a month. Special thanks to the seller for speed, sent without delay, it came quickly. I'm happy with the device.

    24. L***o

      Normal instrument! Shows speed, time, temperature and altitude above sea level. Charges from the sun or from USB. GPS speed definition. Delivery 2 weeks to the place. My husband is happy. Recommend!
      no remark

    25. B***n

      Just received and tried it. The speedometer works PERFECT! Thanks!

    26. P***H

      If you are looking for a speedometer without too much breaking the head to connect the OBD cables and power supply to have full information in my opinion, it is not very useful so that he, you need in case it is automatic to capture live by GPS satellites, It starts itself after thirty seconds the information such as the real speed, l, time, l, aptitude and internal temperature, coffee break …. All group on the d panel, plus display you can adjust the margins for local time and speed, I find it very useful and it is powered by a solar panel (of course we can recharge with the micro USB cable in case) The brightness is perfect day and night and all that for twenty, euros with this gageti I like a lot, bravo Mr the Chinese supplier of all the gadgets of the world

    27. S***a

      It's come relati goes fast. And if he recharges the Sun, now we'll see how it goes on the road.
      no remark

    28. S***o

      Заказом доволен. Спасибо. Рекомендую

    29. J***r

      Rewarding salesman.

    30. E***v

      Speedometer quickly finds satellites. Time is AutoSet. From solar energy charging goes. Recommend.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    31. K***r

      no remark

    32. H***s

      Item as described. Fast shipping.

    33. A***o

      Very good, really works!
      no remark

    34. Z***i

      Looks good works good

    35. L***a

      Dear, my order arrived in good condition and in good condition
      Thank you very much.

    36. F***l

      Parfait !!!!!

    37. E***r

      Perfect product, and very fast in days what or received, I advise this seller

    38. L***g

      Fine item, good price, fast delivery. Perfect! Highly recommended seller! A+++++

    39. E***r

      Perfect fast shipping and works perfect! Very good quality and packing, b the seller very kind, I recommend

    40. C***n

      Great product working great. Fast shipping.

    41. Л***В

      Fast shipment, fast delivery, great packing. The device is of excellent quality, everything works without complaints. Acquisition is very satisfied, the seller deserved + 1 in the piggy bank. Recommend!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    42. I***e

      Test speed nicety. Temperature stability is right and a long time to get lots of jams immediate I.E. Each reflect is safe and is just for your reference only. Elevation is well, and GPS receiver receiving time modification to seconds degree speed is minutes past the outdoor induction function. Elevation accuracy meanwhile and add-on this so no some children readily

    43. E***k

      Works fine, fast delivery

    44. E***n

      Thank you very much to the seller and his team, they are honest and decent people who sell high quality goods I have already made more than 20 orders and the quality is super made at the factory this is the best store on the Aliexpress site I wish the seller and his family health happiness and prosperity I advise everyone to shop in this store you will be satisfied I am very pleased that cooperation with this store and shopping good luck in your business and good mood
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    45. V***o

      Article as described at the moment works correctly.
      Super fast shipping 7 days from China to Spain. Graciasii

    46. R***r

      всё супер

    47. A***r

      Everything works fine I recommend.

    48. F***u

      No problem for now. Everything is fine.

    49. S***n

      Make you satisfied

    50. V***a

      The product was sent quickly, reached Kharkiv in three weeks, packed perfectly, included the scoreboard lit up, I did not check it out yet, I think it will be be be be

    51. K***v

      very good

    52. O***v


    53. E***n

      I don't know what to write anymore? I have already written everything that was good) I am very grateful to the seller and his team that they sell high quality goods, the original, I have already made a lot of orders and all the devices work perfectly, I am delighted! this speedometer works perfectly, everything shows a lot of settings, and most importantly, it can work without a power cord and it is very convenient) the seller is an honest person and will always help you and solve any problem so that you are happy for this, thanks to him and of course respect! fast delivery to Ukraine 16 days packaging is super) I wish the seller and his team and loved ones health, happiness and prosperity, I hope for further cooperation good luck in business and good mood
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    54. D***s


    55. A***e

      Very good works well

    56. M***r

      Excellent I liked the accuracy of speed determination worthy

    57. M***g

      45 days to get to Manawatu, NZ. Posted the day of order. Exactly as per advert. Good HUD. lightweight. Time setting is a bit weird, will have to contact seller to see why I cant set time even though I have read the instructions. the GPS is 3 Kms faster than my Phone GPS speedometer. Altitude and temp almost correct to 1C, & 5meters

    58. L***r

      Design is also good.
      Make you satisfied.
      no remark

    59. D***n

      Very practical product…

    60. N***o

      The goods came very quickly!!! everything is fine

    61. F***r

      Very satisfied with the tracking service despite some logistics problem. Great article I recommend.

    62. S***n

      A very convenient thing, unlike bulky devices, it is very compact and does not distract and does not interfere, while everything is perfectly visible.

    63. A***w

      Good product popular in here are for sale.
      Seller Identity theft so time and shipping too fast.
      More pictures for next week.
      no remark

    64. L***r

      Good item! Seller will be helpful.
      Speed and time can be corrected automatically if there is no manual as can be corrected.
      no remark

    65. L***r

      When the first use of satellite will take a few minutes takes. But ya can work perfectly. Solar charger works by battery working time pro can be assured. Recommend!
      no remark

    66. M***n

      Looks very nice, good grade plastic, clear and easy to read display, charger cable included, motion sensor, easy to setup, changeable units – from metric to Imperial. A bit confusing manual instructions translation, but quite easy to understand the pictures. I will add another review after thorough testing.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    67. A***r

      Great product
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    68. C***m

      Good Goods have quality shipping very fast, thanks scrub
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    69. A***s

      Perfect. The device works very well. Is very fast and easy set up. Adapted it in place of tid my Meriva and was very good. It is very accurate regarding vehicle speed.

    70. D***m

      Gooood !!

    71. C***e

      Very fast delivery, the speedometer works perfectly well.

    72. V***V

      Все функции выполняет, удобно смотреть скорость и время. Мне попался экземпляр с бракованной батареей, которая быстро разряжалась после зарядки от розетки и не заряжалась на солнце, пришлось вернуть. Продавец принял и оплатил возврат, компенсировал стоимость.
      no remark

    73. A***k

      Новою поштою три тижні. Запаковано дуже добре. нічого не помялось. Працює як описано. Велике спасибі!!!

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