The car has a light tyre pump


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    Current: 6

    Voltage: 12 v

    Power cord length: 2.8

    Power supply type: cigarette lighter

    Air volume: 40 (L/min)

    Power: 120

    Specification: 19 cylinders, 22 cylinders

    Type: Automobile air pump

    Scope of application: car, bicycle, electric car

    Pressure: 2000 p

    Scope of application: Cars and electric vehicles

    Gas pipe length: 60cm

    Additional features: Lighting

    Cylinder block specification: 22 cylinder

    Pressure flow: 25L/ min

    Color classification: 19 cylinder pointer version,22 cylinder pointer version,22 cylinder digital display version

    Weight 0.91 kg
    Dimensions 160 × 207 × 80 cm

    Pointer 22, Digital display22

    99 reviews for The car has a light tyre pump

    1. S***A

      Быстрая доставка! На первый взгляд аппарат достойный! Проверим , отпишусь ! Упаковка отличная, трек отслеживался
      no remarkno remark

    2. S***y

      Покупал на подарок. Ещё не проверял.

    3. M***s

      Tout est parfait : Le Gonfleur et la Livraison très rapide. Merci 🙂

    4. E***n

      очень быстрая посылка, спасибо !

    5. O***v

      товар пришёл очень быстро,в течении 1,5 недель. Насос неплохой,хотя и немножко шумноват. Продавца рекомендую всем

    6. A***v

      Пришел, очень быстро, доставили курьером до двери.

    7. V***a

      Качает хорошо, но на ходу исправить желаемое давление поменять нельзя. Только по предустановленному заранее давлению.

    8. R***r

      Заказ пришёл за неделю ,работает хорошо,.

    9. V***a

      спасибо,все работает
      no remark

    10. A***v

      качает хорошо, только шумит громковато.

    11. T***n


    12. S***v

      дошло за 12 дней, все супер. в работе ещё не проверял, чуть позже дополню

    13. A***n

      протестировал на своей машине, вроде нормально качает.

    14. N***h

      good product

    15. D***h

      Пока работает. Надеюсь что не сломается как сумка в багажник купленная у этого же продавца.

    16. M***w

      I was surprised at how fast I received it. It looks just like the picture. We haven’t used it yet, but I am very impressed.

    17. S***b

      Good quallity
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    18. M***a

      спасибо, получила!

    19. A***n

      Хороший насос, неплохо качает, довольно быстро. Можно задавать нужное давление и он автоматически остановится. Компактный, фонарик – мелочь, но приятно, есть насадки в комплекте.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    20. M***t

      zoals beschreven ben zeer tevreden

    21. A***o

      Меньше 40 часов от заказа до получения.

    22. V***s

      хороший ,рабочий ✊

    23. E***v

      Купил уже второй насос. Работает нормально. В этот раз уже после заказа продавец попросил дополнительно 2$ за доставку, которая не стала быстрее…

    24. A***v

      Доставка быстрая. До двери на третий день. Работает. Из минусов – отсутствие сумки для хранения самого аппарата и принадлежностей.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    25. N***

      Хороший насос, пришёл очень быстро

    26. S***v

      сегодня опробовал. качает. а это главное.

    27. A***v

      no remarkno remarkno remark

    28. R***r

      The goods came in time. Works. While there are no complaints

    29. G***r

      Very satisfied ⁶

    30. M***v

      For 2-3 minutes from shakes to 2 atm. Recommend!

    31. E***v

      The flashlight does not work, when shaking inside the case something moves. The compressor itself works fine. Came the order quickly, I recommend the seller.

    32. I***n

      Compact and convenient pump.
      no remark

    33. B***e

      In the absence of A test, everything seems right.

    34. B***d

      Exactly as in description.looking good.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    35. E***M

      I can not make an evaluation of the goods, unfortunately I did not reach me. The seller is decent, he returned the money! Therefore, I will put five stars and order again!

    36. M***N


    37. A***a

      The compressor works well, shakes quickly, noise is not loud. The goods are delivered very quickly, by courier. Seller recommend.

    38. H***i

      I ordered 2 and arrived in just two weeks…
      The machine is small in size .. A little noisy during operation
      The experience of one device is excellent and the tire is blown quickly… And I will try the second one another time.
      I recommend to the device
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    39. A***m

      Normas. I think about it.
      Pratsuya. I did not wake up kachati, but on the pidkachka norms swing. Approx 0,1 bar/15 sec You can use vistaviti vice and Coli to pump up. I'll get you a flashlight on the new one. HS Chi Wan potiben. Can vibirati Bari Pascal Chi kg/cm. Yak for me then to the mountainous Bo is cracked postically переклацувати.
      Have a day on slid, priyshov after 5 tizhniv. Ale was brought by courier dodomom (microwave).

    40. D***a

      10 days delivery from Europe, just super. As soon as I try, I will write.

    41. J***o


    42. D***r


    43. N***s


    44. R***m

      Product arrived in very good condition, no damage, fits description. Also it arrived very fast, under a week shipped from Poland.

    45. J***A

      Came very quickly, handed the courier right at home!!! For quality I do not know yet-I did not check, but already lies in the car! As I check, I will Unsubscribe!

    46. K***k

      Before time. According to zamówie niem. Recommend

    47. T***v

      Slightly weak seems to shake and works somehow not stably check.

    48. A***N

      The seller is just super, after payment delivery to the door of the apartment, took 4 days. The goods are whole, I have not checked the case yet.

    49. C***3

      It works perfectly. The description is accurate. And it's very useful. It came very fast! I love the digital and very happy.

    50. R***m

      Thank you
      no remark

    51. O***o

      Received intact, the description corresponds, delivered quickly, thank you to the seller.
      I bought it as a gift, because I can not say about the properties.

    52. D***n

      Good Product

    53. A***i

      Got a compressor today. In appearance of very decent quality. When we check it out.

    54. K***v

      The pump shakes slowly and works noisy, but it works. Convenient auto disable mode when reaching the desired pressure.

    55. A***u

      Convenient, small, shakes well.

    56. A***

      It works properly and arrived very fast

    57. R***r

      The goods received very quickly thank you. connected to the cigarette lighter everything works, only very loud, but it's trivial, the main thing that boils.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    58. A***o

      Great compressor. Took the second one. The first very satisfied, to work without problems.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    59. K***v

      Order arrived quickly. Everything corresponds to the description. The box was slightly crumpled, but the device is safe and sound. I checked the performance-everything is OK.

    60. D***d

      Demomento is going very well

    61. T***a

      Came quickly, everything works fine, I recommend the seller.

    62. P***k

      I'm buying a second pump. The first one works even after I hit him with a car. Broke only the body, the compressor itself works. There was one problem, the computer turned off the case apparently because of the vibration, but it was easy to remove. In general, the pumps are good for sure for cars just right.

    63. I***N

      Sorry Sorry for המחלוקת
      קבלתי the product

    64. J***a

      It was very fast shipping and it came very well packed. The compressor looks solid and good quality, carries a small light for when used in the dark. It's a little noisy like all compressors but it's not overkill, cable, hose and accessories are well collected in the same body of the apparatus. I think the price quality ratio is very good and it is very practical and it is worth always carrying it in the car.

    65. A***v

      Noise, shakes not fast

    66. E***l

      I 've only tried it once and without checking with another, at the moment well

    67. A***v

      A good compressor, with its task copes with Hurray!

    68. S***v

      Everything works well, the quality is satisfied

    69. J***s

      It's the third one I buy and all great and this time I arrive in a seman

    70. M***z

      Fast delivery (3 days). Poor manual, but everything works fine (below 30 seconds i guess). Device pretty fast reach pressure i wanted. I hope it wouldn't broke fast.

    71. A***v

      When connected, it works immediately as a flashlight, very convenient. Shakes and noise like other pumps. The auto stop works. With his task copes. The tip quickly does not work out, I will put it quick-clamping. Also almost impossible to back in the trough of the design to stick the wires after the first pull. I hope it will be reliable.
      no remarkno remark

    72. R***v

      Very noisy device, like while working

    73. A***a

      Quick response/delivery. Item in excellent condition. Very satisfied customer. ★★★★★

    74. D***s

      Thank you for quick delivery.

    75. O***o

      Received intact, the description corresponds.
      There was something hanging around inside, shaking out a piece of solder. The pump is working.

    76. M***t

      Great pump. Already several times used, and the flashlight is convenient. You can see the wheel in the evening. Both balls and a bicycle can be inflated.

    77. Y***i

      very good item

    78. R***v

      At first when I received the goods I thought that for nonsense a toy is something. I checked the pumped wheels with a good pump at the time I did not expect it myself. In Tatarstan went 3 weeks from the Russian product was not tracked.

    79. X***a

      It works perfect. Several heads for different types of articles to swell.
      no remark

    80. A***o

      To Sochi came quickly Brother 2 pump one valve was broken which on the nipple wheel dressed returned 10 bucks no problem so five stars

    81. C***z

      Fast delivery, missing test

    82. C***o

      Perfect Tofo, fast shipping and looks good quality and super well packaged.

    83. M***r

      All Super went like again, thanks 🙂

    84. J***a

      The truth is, I was surprised by the fast and quiet what it is compared to other models is also very compact. As we always hope it will last us long. With the light it brings it is very easy to use it at night

    85. L***

      Comply with description fast delivery

    86. K***r

      Receive sight saw use noise make you and tire factory ATM works well in line with.

    87. 0***r

      Quickly delivered, brought straight home. I recommend the seller and the goods.

    88. М***v

      Gun, take Brothers

    89. M***s

      Nice tool for car tyres 🙂

    90. Z***v

      Product is available. After the test, it works very well. I will buy the second for the second car.
      Thank you the seller

    91. O***o

      All good

    92. V***v

      Works, but the pressure value of 2.1 on the correct pump corresponds to 2.45 on this pump.

    93. J***s

      I am delighted, fast in shipping infinite quality and an inuguanable price. I recommend the seller.

    94. R***s

      I test it and i reccomend it cuz its very good the only negative point is because its noise but overall its excelent.

    95. D***v


    96. R***r

      The order came quickly, made 11.11.20, came 24.11.20. The packing is whole, not crumpled. The pump corresponds to the picture, in good condition.

    97. F***d

      Okey. Highly recommended.

    98. R***v

      The order came, I still did not check the case, I'll check it out.
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    99. C***i

      Order arrived in 5 days.
      Just the fuse and the inflator tip for balloon that arrived broken.

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