Tire pressure test meter digital display tire pressure gauge


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    Measuring range: 2.0-99.5 PSI OR 0.15-7.00 BAR 


     1 Press “ON” to turn on the machine. After power on, the last test unit will be displayed. Press “ON” to perform unit conversion (PSI→BAR→KPA→Kg/cm2). When the unit is changed, the displayed value will be changed accordingly. .

     2 Align the nozzle of the pressure gauge with the valve of the tire and press it to ensure good contact between the nozzle and the valve. There is no leaking sound. After 3 seconds, remove the tire pressure gauge from the valve and read the exact tire. Tire pressure, the data is kept for 15 seconds. After the data is cleared, the pressure gauge is moved to other tires to continue testing. 

    3 If the pressure gauge is turned on, if the button is not detected for 60 seconds, it will automatically shut down. You can also press and hold the “ON” button for 

    3 seconds to manually close it.

     Power supply: CR2032 3V button battery Product size: 148x39x31mm 

     Product weight: about 40g

     Standard configuration: bare watch (with battery inside), manual, certificate (warranty card) 

     Package description: Packing: single blister card

    Weight 0.06 kg
    Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm



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