Tracking vehicle tracking gps locator


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    Product features:

    The product adopts 3-proof design, which is waterproof, fireproof and dustproof

    GSM four frequency system is universal in the world;

    High sensitivity GPS receiver chip;

    Built in GPS antenna with high sensitivity, super receiving performance;

    High integration design;

    Vehicle terminal designed with dual built-in antennas (GSM, GPS);

    Built in switching power supply, ultra wide voltage input range;

    ● built in vibration sensor to realize vehicle intelligent anti-theft;

    ● support ACC detection, vehicle start alarm;

    ● external relay can be connected to realize the control of vehicle oil and electricity;

    ● built in backup battery to realize the alarm of illegal thread cutting;

    Compatible with serial communication of external equipment.

    Functional features:

    Size:90 *52*20(mm)

    ● GSM:850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz

    ● GPRS:Class12,TCP/ IP build in GSM Module

    ● GPS:u-blox-7020

    Number of channels: 20 channels

    Tracking sensitivity: – 159dBm

    Acquisition sensitivity: – 144dbm

    Positioning time: hot start: < 1 sec (open sky)

    Warm start: < 15 sec

    Cold start: < 38 sec (open sky)

    Built in antenna: GSM four band antenna, GPS high gain antenna

    Built in battery: 450mah

    Power input range: 8-75 VDC

    LED indicator: 3 LED status indication: GPS blue GSM green power red

    Main functions of the product:

    1. Real time positioning: the device uses a four core precision positioning chip, and the accuracy is calculated in seconds. After the vehicle is stolen and robbed, the vehicle can be remotely controlled at any time

    Driving state (time, speed, direction, position, etc.), so as to assist the police to solve the case quickly.

    2. Built in battery: built in high-quality high-temperature, flame-proof and explosion-proof military polymer battery to prevent thieves from cutting the power cord. The product can still work for more than 7 times

    More than hours.

    3. Electronic fence: draw an area on the platform map. When the vehicle goes beyond or enters its own area, the platform will have alarm information, which is suitable for vehicles

    Anti theft and company vehicle height management.

    4. Track playback: on our platform, we can save 60 days’ vehicle records, which is convenient for playback, and can display the speed, direction and stop during playback

    Time, etc.

    5. Vibration alarm: the built-in vibration sensor can set the vibration duration alarm by SMS to realize the intelligent anti-theft of vehicles.

    6. Shift alarm: send SMS to set the vehicle shift distance alarm, and real-time grasp the state of the vehicle in its own set range.

    7. Power off alarm: when the thief unlawfully removed the device or cut the power line, the device immediately sent an alarm message to your mobile phone or called (can be set), so that the thief has no escape.

    8. Intelligent power saving: when the vehicle is stationary, the device will automatically enter the state of built-in battery power supply, so as to avoid the continuous power consumption of the vehicle battery and the failure of ignition.

    Weight 0.20 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 cm



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