Wheel decoration lights


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    Allow the sun to expose for 8 hours before using for the first time. It is recommended to buy 4 in a car for the best effect!


    1. Solar energy automatic charging, the product uses high-efficiency solar cells.

    2. Built-in lithium battery, the product uses large-capacity lithium battery, A-type batteries, no memory effect, longer life.

    3. Ultra-high brightness, the product adopts ultra-bright imported chip LED, which has the function of warning and decoration when driving at night.

    4. Intelligent opening function, the product adopts light control and micro-vibration sensor system, which automatically turns on the flashing when driving at night.

    5. Intelligent shutdown function. The product uses a single chip microcomputer with a delay shutdown system inside, which automatically shuts down after 30 seconds when the vehicle is parked or at a standstill.

    Simple installation, super waterproof, super durable, super gorgeous

    Freely switch colors, monochrome, color

    Can be turned off and on

    (When the switch is turned on, it will glow when the light is dark and vibration)

    Applicable models: universal type, one wheel and one lamp, four for one car

    Color: color red, green, blue light on one lamp (as long as you press which mode button lightly, you can choose the color you want)

    Installation: installation is super simple (remove the logo on the wheel hub, install the light, and snap it into place, it’s firm)

    The research and development significance of this product is defined as: driving safety indicator and warning light. Such as night, rain, ice, snow, and foggy days can play a reminder and warning function, making the car safer to drive under the influence of bad weather. And the effect is unique and stylish, which is a must-have item for cars! Recommend to buy!


    1. The diameter of the valve lamp is about 4.5CM and the height is about 2.4CM. The installation is simple, just screw the product on the car tire valve,

    Weight 0.16 kg
    Dimensions 180 × 240 × 100 cm

    4pcs color, Color


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